Katadyn Hiker vs. Hiker Pro

The ability to drink from any water source is a dream come true for any hiker. But that is only possible in an ideal world, isn’t it? Thankfully, modern water filters will allow you to drink from most water sources.

One of the most reliable products is the Katadyn Hiker, which has been the go-to water filters of most hikers in the past years.

However, now that Katadyn Hiker Pro has been released, people are getting confused about which one to pick. Which one has a better filtering system? Which one is safer to use? In this article, let’s talk about which of these two water filters can meet your needs as an outdoor enthusiast. Please keep on reading below.

 Katadyn HikerKatadyn Hiker Pro
Dimensions6.5 x 3 x 2.4 inches (16.51 x 7.62 x 6.2 cm)6.5 x 3 x 2.4 inches (16.51 x 7.62 x 6.2 cm)
Weight11 ounces (311.8 grams)11 ounces (311.8 grams)
Filter Pore Size0.2 micron0.2 micron
Filter TypePumpPump
Filter MediumPleated 0.2 micron glass fiber/carbon core/filter protectorPleated 0.2 micron glass fiber/carbon core
Pump Strokes Per Liter4848
Output1 liter per minute1 liter per minute
Housing MaterialABS plasticABS plastic

Based on the table, Hiker Pro has very little difference from its predecessor. Let’s have a look at the details.

Main Differences


The Katadyn Hiker Water Filter is a pump-based filter that is capable of removing protozoa, particulates, and even bacterias as small as 0.2 microns. It also removes cryptosporidium, salmonella, and giardia, which are very common in natural water resources.

It boasts a glass-fiber filter that is highly efficient in filtering silt and muddy water. Also, its core comes with activated carbon that does an amazing job of getting rid of that bad taste and odor we usually get from natural water. It also helps in cleansing some chemicals found in water to ensure that you have clean water to drink.

On the other hand, the Katadyn Hiker Pro comes with a filter protector in addition to the glass-fiber filter and activated carbon filter we can find in its predecessor. This serves as a pre-filter that prevents large particles from getting into the filter itself. It makes the entire filtering process much more efficient while improving the longevity of the device.


The new model of Hiker Pro comes in a clear or see-through design. It allows you to see how the filter works and if the water filter needs some cleaning already. However, both are made from BPA-free ABS plastic that gives these devices solid construction. It is durable as it can handle accidental drops while you are on a hike.

Ease of Use

Both filters are quick and easy to use. The two products feature two silicone hoses that connect your bottle to the unfiltered water or its source.

These water filters have a production rate of 1 liter per minute or about 48 pumps. That means you can have your daily water needs in less than five minutes of pumping. The smooth pump means it can be used even by a child.

Also, an adapter that can fit most bottles is already included in the package. It also comes with a hydration connector that can be attached to ¼-inch hydration pack connections. This means your Camelback or Platypus hydration pack can still be used.

Size and Weight

The Katadyn Hiker Pro has the same size and weight as its predecessor. It still weighs 11 ounces and has a dimension of 6.5 x 3 x 2.4 inches. It is no bigger than the usual canteen that you take on long hikes.

It will be very easy to slip the filter into your day pack or on the external pocket of your trekking pack. Plus, you will get a carry sack along with your filter, making it easier to carry around.

Easy to Clean

It is also pretty quick and easy to clean these two water filters. All you have to do is to unscrew the filter element, then rinse it out and allow it to air dry. You can also use a dishwasher and rinse well.

You will find a single circlip that holds the pump arm onto the filter’s body, too; you will need to disassemble this when it’s cleaning time. It is best to lube it after each trip.

Product Reviews

Katadyn Hiker

The Katadyn Hiker Water Filter is among the best water filters you will find in the market. It’s a versatile device that features a reliable filtration system that would give you peace of mind during extended outings, especially if you are a beginner out there.

The device is also user-friendly. It is considered one of the quickest filtering systems in the market. You can filter about four liters of drinking water in just five minutes.

It is lightweight and compact too, weighing only 11 ounces, you can easily squeeze it into your bag.

Katadyn Hiker Pro

The Katadyn Hiker Pro is an amazing product for any outdoor situation. It is a great low-cost solution for your water filtration needs. It is effective in eliminating viruses, disease-causing bacteria, and various heavy particulates.

Furthermore, it leaves zero aftertastes and gets rid of bad odors. It can even improve the overall clarity and flavor of your water. Plus, it is compatible with several hydration systems and can be connected quickly.

It comes in an ideal size too, and won’t take up much space in your bag. So the next time you are heading outdoors, Hiker Pro should be on top of your things-to-bring.


There’s no doubt that Hiker and Hiker Pro manufactured by Katadyn is an effective portable water filter that is perfect for all the outdoor enthusiasts. Both have been a staple in the backpacking community for several years already.

The two products have the same core features. Both are efficient, thanks to its pump filter that is capable of pulling water from difficult to reach sources and state of the art filtration system. They are also made from heavy-duty plastic, making it durable enough to handle the abuse of being in the great outdoors. Additionally, they are lightweight and portable, which is perfect for any hiking trips.

If you don’t mind spending a bit more, Katadyn Hiker Pro is a great investment. It is much more efficient in filtering compared to its predecessor. Additionally, by preventing larger particles from getting into the filter, the device has much more longevity.

On the other hand, if you need a backup for your water pack or a filter for your weekend hikes, then Katadyn Hiker should fit your needs. Its quality is close to the Pro version without the expensive price tag.