best jackets for snowshoeing

Best Jackets for Snowshoeing

Snowshoeing was originally a necessity among communities that live in far-flung areas. Since then, it has evolved into a winter activity that almost everyone can enjoy. It is a great way to explore places while keeping active. Just like any physical activity, snowshoeing requires appropriate gear and clothing such as shell trousers, snowshoes, and more….

Best Folding Sleeping Pads and Mats

Best Folding Sleeping Pads & Mats

Making sure that you have enough sleep while camping can be a complicated ordeal. Thick and soft sleeping pads are ideal for a great night’s sleep. However, these are too heavy and bulky, especially for solo campers. Fortunately, numerous sleeping gears in the market are specially created for outdoor activities. Folding mats and pads come…

best tent for a tall person

Best Tents for a Tall Person

If you are a taller person, you know how frustrating it is to find gears that you can comfortably use. One such issue is finding the right tent that will fit you well. After all, struggling to fit into a limited space at night when you are in the wild can ruin the entire trip….

Best Hiking Sunglasses

If you’re a real hiker, you shouldn’t only think about protecting your body from bruises and bumps. You must also protect your eyes. But how? Well, that’s where the best hiking sunglasses come in. When it comes to hiking shades, ergonomics, space-age lenses, and frame materials are some of the few considerations you must keep…

Quilt vs. Sleeping Bag

Quilt vs. Sleeping Bag

If you are preparing for your first overnight outdoors, the first concern that you may have is how you can sleep at night. The tent can only do so much. How do you make sure that you have a good night’s sleep even when you are in the wild? Sleeping bags are popular enough that…

Best Underwear for Hiking

Some hikers don’t put underwear as a priority when shopping for hiking gear. But picking the best underwear for a hiking adventure can make a significant difference on your trip. When it comes to underwear, you shouldn’t really try to save money because it is directly in contact with your skin. You must acquire the…

Best Backpacking Tripod

With the outdoors being a perfect photography subject, it’s always a good idea to bring a camera. However, it can be quite challenging to get that beautiful panorama shot without the best backpacking tripod. When it comes to backpacking and tripod, one must consider its weight. It can be difficult for your body to hike…

down vs synthetic sleeping bag

Down vs. Synthetic Sleeping Bag

You may be getting ready for your first overnight outdoors. Or, you might be looking to upgrade your sleeping bag. Before even considering the brand or model, you need to decide whether you want a down or synthetic bag. So, which one is the best type of sleeping bag? Well, the answer is not as…

person carrying yellow and black backpack walking between green plants

Best Sleeping Bag Under $100

Making sure that you have the right gear for your backpacking trips can be quite expensive, even if you are a casual enthusiast. When you consider the basics such as tents, backpacks, shoes, and the rest of your gear, the cost can quickly add up. So, what can you do to save money without sacrificing…

Wide Toe Box Boots

Wide toe box boots are the perfect gear to help you relieve yourself from swollen feet, bunions, and other common foot issues during hiking trips. As the name suggests, shoes for wide feet come with a wide area so your toes can spread naturally and minimize the stress that your toes must endure. Compared to…