Jetboil MiniMo vs. MicroMo

For any outdoor adventure, one will regularly need a stove to enjoy deliciously warm meals and hot drinks, especially during winter expeditions. How do you set-up a campfire when the weather is windy and wet? A portable stove system allows backpackers to cook with ease.

Jetboil innovated the integrated cooking systems that changed the way outdoor enthusiasts boil water and cook meals. There are several portable cooking systems developed by Jetboil. Two popular choices are the MiniMo and MicroMo models. Having a compact and efficient stove is fundamental for any backcountry explorations.

There are several considerations when choosing the right camping stove. Portability, weight, capacity, fuel type, and boiling time are just some important features to consider. Jetboil guarantees that its line of camping stove products can closely compete with other brands.

The Jetboil MiniMo and MicroMo are almost indistinguishable. Knowing the distinct features of both stoves will help polish your preference. Find out which stove fits your camping needs by reading this Jetboil Minimo vs. Micromo buying guide.

Quick Comparison Table

 Jetboil MiniMo Camping Stove Cooking SystemJetboil MicroMo Camping Stove Cooking System
Weight14 oz (0.41 L)12 oz. (.035 L)
Liquid Capacity33.8 oz. (1 L)27.1 oz. (0.8 L)
Boil Time2m 15sec/0.5L2m 15sec/0.5L
Simmer ControlYesYes
Fuel TypeCanister GasCanister Gas
Feed TypeRegulated/GasRegulated/Gas

Common Features of MiniMo and MicroMo

Jetboil did some impressive innovations in backcountry cooking. These were presented in both the camping stove models. The two compact cooking stoves share similar attributes that make gourmet cooking possible in the backlands. Discover how these cookers can make your backpacking meals more satisfying.

Fully Integrated System

Jetboil is possibly the best in manufacturing fully integrated camping stoves. Both MiniMo and MicroMo were carefully designed to have a securely-attached pot and stove. Other brands sell these components separately, making them more unstable, though cheaper.

A fully integrated cooking system is heavier and more expensive than other products. However, they are more convenient to travel with fuel-efficient and durable. These features are the most basic attributes of a worthy camping stove.

Fuel Efficiency

During cold weather, it usually takes a lot of difficulty and time boiling water on an open campfire. Waiting for boil times can be tedious when using conventional camping stoves. Jetboil found a solution to this problem with a revolutionary burner design.

The FluxRing technology uses bent metal to increase and evenly distribute heat surface. The result is significant fuel efficiency due to less loss of heat and more concentrated heating. With a boil time of fewer than 5 minutes, you can bring 1 liter of water a fast boil.

Simmer Control

Jetboil provided both MiniMo and MicroMo with simmering capability. This was made possible by equipping both cookers with a simmer control fuel regulator. This feature enables you to cook delicious, braised meat dishes, which are perfect sources of protein.

Lowering heat temperature is done by adjusting simmer control, thus, contributing to fuel efficiency. This slow cooking method brings out more flavor without overcooking. Definitely, the simmer control feature added versatility to both Jetboil models.

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Every backpacker has a unique experience of adventure. This requires an exceptional type of cooking system designed for backpacking. Traditional cookware can’t be packed safely and will not withstand the roughness of the trail life.

Jetboil understands campers’ need for a compact but durable backcountry cooking system. Aluminum was used to fabricate the MiniMo and MicroMo. This metal is lightweight but durable, allowing Jetboil products to last for years despite rough service in the outlands.

Compact and Lightweight

Even an extra 100-gram fuel canister, can add toll to exhaustion, especially during a hike. As a general guide, a backpacker should not carry a backpack exceeding 20% of his body weight.

Jetboil made certain that both MiniMo and MicroMo are compact enough to fit in a backpack easily. The strong but lightweight aluminum makes both cooking systems featherlight to carry with. Traveling with any of the stoves is a great way of reducing pack weight.

Quick Boil Time

The most common problems when camping in unfavorable weather is wind, cold, and moisture. These factors significantly affect cooking time.

With a boil time of 2 minutes and 15 seconds per 0.5L of water, Jetboil proves the convenience of having any of the MiniMo and MicroMo. They are also quite windproof, so it is not an issue to boil water on a windy day. These features positively affect fuel efficiency.

Convenient Push Button Igniter

It can be very frustrating lighting a stove with a match, especially during heavy winds. The same problem goes for winter expeditions. Both camping stove models feature a convenient push-button igniter.

It’s a good thing the push-button igniter conveniently fires up the stove regardless of the weather condition. The button is made up of sturdy material, which is meant to last. However, carrying a spare ignition source is recommended just in case the stove igniters wear out.

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Individual Reviews

The MiniMo and MicroMo are almost 95% identical for having the same features and benefits. However, the Jetboil MicroMo is a little different in an attempt to enhance the deficiencies of MiniMo.

Which Jetboil cooking system is the right one for you, MiniMo or MicroMo? Learning about their advantages and distinct features will help you pick the right cooking system for the next backcountry adventure.

Jetboil MiniMo

The Jetboil MiniMo stove is packed with a 1-liter cook pot that makes cooking for two persons quicker. The shape of the cooking pot is well-designed for easy stirring and spooning. The pressure regulator, push-button igniter, and the simmer control make the Jetboil MiniMo a versatile cooking system.

Although the Jetboil MiniMo is considered MicroMo’s predecessor, it doesn’t mean that the enhancements of the latter make the former inferior. These two cooking systems have their own share of both advantages and disadvantages. Discover how the Jetboil Minimo edges out the Jetboil MicroMo.

Easy Handling

The Jetboil MiniMo is designed with durable metal handles, which prevent accidental burns. The handles make it safe for straining water and pouring out your meal in a separate container. This is very convenient for meting out newly cooked meals or hot drinks for two.

The integrated cooking pot of the Jetboil Minimo is wide and short, just like a bowl. This feature eliminates the need to eat meals on a different dish. A solo camper can eat directly out of the pot without difficulties.

Simmer Control

One of the best features of Jetboil MiniMo is the simmer control. Adjusting heat focus saves fuel and enables campers to cook thick sauces without burning. Backcountry aficionados no longer have to settle for frozen or dehydrated meals.

With the ability of Jetboil MiniMo to simmer, outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy meals with fresh ingredients. Cooking soup and other meals with sauce in basecamps had been viable. Preparing healthy meals in the outback has never been this easy.

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Larger Capacity Pot

Jetboil MiniMo has a larger capacity pot of 1 liter. It can cater to more than one person in single cooking. This pot size is deemed economical as it also helps save fuel.

The squat shape design of Jetboil MiniMo is also perfect for stirring meals with a short stirrer such as a spoon. Scooping of warm meals is easier with the wide and short pot design. Although the Jetboil MiniMo comes with a larger capacity pot, the weight of 14 oz. is still considerably light.

Jetboil MicroMo

The Jetboil MicroMo carries with it the ideal features of the MiniMo, though the most noticeable difference is in the pot design. Jetboil MicroMo has a taller but narrower cook pot. This integrated pot has a capacity of 0.8 liters of water, which is short of 0.2 liters compared to the Jetboil MiniMo.

The Jetboil MicroMo is said to be the enhanced version of the MiniMo. However, it doesn’t mean it’s a better product. It really depends on your backcountry expedition needs. To avoid confusion, let’s discover what features of Jetboil MicroMo meet your outdoor exploration needs.

Weight and Compactness

Weight and compactness is an important consideration for every backpacker. Even a slight increase in weight can significantly affect a backpacker’s stamina. It’s the same with compactness as a portable stove can’t fit well in a backpack if it’s not compact enough.

Fortunately, the Jetboil MicroMo is compact enough to easily fit in a backpack. In fact, it is more compact and lightweight compared to the Jetboil MiniMo. At 12 oz., MicroMo slightly weighs less than the MiniMo at 14 oz. However, this slight weight difference still makes sense to a fully packed bag.

Simmer Control

Like the Jetboil MiniMo, the MicroMo stove also features simmer control for better cooking and fuel economy. However, Jetboil MicroMo has better simmer control than its predecessor. Designed with 2.5 turns of simmer control, Jetboil MicroMo has more focused heat, which saves more fuel.

With better simmering capability, cooking hard-boiled eggs without cracking the shells becomes a breeze. Frying a perfect sunny-side-up egg for breakfast is also easier. Jetboil MicroMo is also better in keeping food and water warm.

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Smaller Pot Design

Jetboil was thinking of reducing the weight of MicroMo for better portability. Jetboil MicroMo offers a 0.8-liter capacity, and that’s 200 ml less compared to MiniMo. The result was effective in bringing down the weight to 12 oz., making it lighter and more compact.

The reduction in weight and size of the Jetboil MicroMo stove may not be significant, but seasoned hikers would agree to this move. However, cooking bulkier food would not be ideal for this smaller pot. Likewise, cooking in the 0.8-liter cooker may be insufficient for two people.


Jetboil MiniMo and MicroMo are closely identical, and any backpacker will be confused in picking the right stove. Both camping stoves are equally-matched when it comes to versatility.

Considering the price of $145, MicroMo is the better choice, especially if the 0.8-liter capacity is not an issue. If you don’t intend to serve meals to more than one person, MicroMo serves a better deal.

On the other hand, MiniMo is the better choice if weight and compactness is not an issue. With a price of $150, the extra 0.2 liters is also a great deal considering an extra person can enjoy deliciously-cooked meals.