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Ultralight Backpacking Basics and Pros & Cons

Ultralight backpacking is increasingly becoming popular among outdoor enthusiasts, from beginners to experienced hikers. This type of backpacking emphasizes simplicity and a better appreciation of the scenery and the adventures during the trip. Without the pains and aches due to heavy packs, ultralight backpackers cover longer distances in a shorter time. Before ditching your gears,…

Goose Down vs. Duck Down

How to Dry a Down Jacket

Down jackets are some of the first hiking gear that you should buy. They are essential in making sure that you are always comfortable and warm during your adventures. They are lightweight, which makes them ideal for solo backpackers. Because down is a naturally insulating material, it needs extra care to make sure that your…

Goose Down vs. Duck Down

When it comes to insulation, goose down is one of the most popular options in the market. Its softness and protection provide luxurious warmth and comfort like no other. Not to mention its unmatched resilience is popular among outdoor adventurers. Recently, duck down is gaining recognition, especially among budget-conscious customers. Its price point and availability…

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How to Heat a Tent Without Electricity

A cold night can easily ruin a winter or autumn camping trip. While you can bundle up to keep warm, there’s no beating a well-heated tent. However, this is a little tricky when you are out in the wild. You can bring a power generator during your adventures. However, it is quite expensive for most…

how to seam seal a tent

How to Seam Seal a Tent

Dealing with sudden downpours during your hiking trip is unpleasant at best. That is why it is important to invest in camping gear that will protect you from the elements. Tents are among the essentials that you need to survive the outdoors. It is potentially one of the most expensive gears in your backpack. However,…

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Are Windbreakers Waterproof?

If you’re the kind of person who likes to do a lot of outdoor activities even in unfriendly weather conditions, you might want to invest in a windbreaker. Windbreakers are a versatile type of jacket. They are one of the most popular outdoor garments nowadays. But many people, especially hikers who are looking to buy…

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How Many Calories Do You Burn Hiking?

Losing weight does not only mean confining yourself to the gym. If you love the outdoors, then you are in luck! Hiking allows you to enjoy nature while burning calories. There’s a reason why many outdoor enthusiasts are generally fit. The combination of walking, carrying gears and backpacks, and even climbing promotes fitness and health….