Ahnu Montara vs. Sugarpine

Finding the right women’s hiking boots can be a confusing undertaking, especially when you realize there’s a lot to choose from. There are a few invaluable things to consider when picking the right hiking boots. Finding a durable hiking boot that provides a comfortable fit, keeps you from the agony of having blistered feet.

Ahnu is probably one of the finest brands in women’s hiking boots. There have been several raving reviews about Ahnu Montara and Sugarpine, so this would be a good place to start. Depending on how and where you hike should match the performance of your women’s hiking boots.

It helps refine your options when you know the features that you want. So, which pair of hiking boots is right for you, Montara or Sugarpine? Read our Montara vs. Sugarpine review to find out.

Quick Comparison Montara vs. Sugarpine Table

 Ahnu Women’s Montara Hiking BootAhnu Women’s Sugarpine Hiking Boot
MaterialLeather/Synthetic Mesh, Leather, and Suede
Size Range8.5-115-11
Made in USANoYes
Color5 (availability changes)4 (availability changes)

Common Features of Montara and Sugarpine

Ahnu did a great job with the quality and performance of both Montara and Sugarpine. These two hiking boots share similar features on how effectively they can protect your feet. Learn how these boots can make hiking an enjoyable adventure.


Both boots share the same features in bringing comfort to your feet. The well-padded design provides an excellent cushion around each foot. This is very important for rough trail walks and rocky mountain hikes.

The mid-foot sole well supports the feet, keeping your arches pain-free during long walks. This also prevents your feet from absorbing impact when walking on rocky terrain, protecting your feet from injuries. With these comforts, the Montara and Sugarpine can take you on a longer distance.

Rubber Toe Protection

Ahnu is committed to their boot design as both Montara and Sugarpine were equipped with rubber toe protection. During long walks and steep descent on rocky terrain, toes bump or get pinned down on hard surfaces. Such incidents could seriously injure your toes and spoil your outdoor adventure.

Although Ahnu puts rubber toe protections in both models, they were placed differently for each boot. The Montara rubber toe protector is positioned higher up past the toe, while the Sugarpine is just within the toe lines. This may not be significant, but may still be considered when going out on extreme hiking.


ahnu sugarpine waterproof
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Waterproofing is unusual for inexpensive hiking boots, which makes Ahnu Montara and Ahnu Sugarpine popular. Getting waterproof boots is crucial, especially when you go through damp terrains. Whether you’re crossing shallow streams or stepping on a puddle, these Ahnu boots keep your feet dry.

Soaking your feet for a long time can cause serious damage to the skin. The epidermis gets wrinkly and soggy and may break as you continue trekking.

Wide Fit

Montara and Sugarpine boots offer a wide fit, which is important to give feet extra room for movement. Swelling and other foot injuries occur when pressure is put on for a long period. It would be helpful if you could wiggle your toes to help circulate blood and fluid.

It’s also a good thing to note that hikers put on thicker socks to provide extra cushion, which prevents foot blisters. A wide fit is equally essential in giving extra room for thick socks. Getting a pair of boots, one size up your regular measurement is highly suggested.

Great Ankle Support

Trekking along a rocky landscape brings too much strain on your ankles. One of the best attributes of these two Ahnu boots is great ankle support. With the high top and snug fit design, your ankle gets exceptional protection.

Great ankle support prevents injuries that can upset your backcountry activities. Walking along rugged terrain can cause an ankle to twist or roll, causing a ligament to stretch or tear. Fortunately, with these great Ahnu boots, you don’t have to worry about tarsus injuries.


You have to spend a fortune if you want a feature-rich boot for hiking. Well, this is not the case with the Montara and Sugarpine as these hiking boots are incredibly affordable.

These boots are not just designed for good looks and comfort. They are also designed for durability and overall foot protection. With such affordable prices, what more could you ask for?

What Makes Montara Different from Sugarpine?

Despite having common features, the Montara boot differs from Ahnu Sugarpine in a few ways. The fabric materials and the sole used are different. Let’s find out how these differences affect each boot’s performance.

Ahnu Montana

Ahnu Montara boot is fully made of leather, so it’s definitely a heavy-duty boot. With a trendy looking style matched with full comfort and foot support, this boot can be used as daily footwear.


Built almost entirely of leather, the Ahnu Montara boots guarantee their durability. Leather is known for its toughness and flexibility in giving overall foot protection. Leather can withstand harsh abrasions from rough surfaces, including sharp rocks during a hike.

Cracks on the outer surface may develop over time due to heavy use, but the leather will still manage to keep your feet from injuries. Since leather is flexible, it molds with your feet, providing added comfort and ankle support. This feature also keeps the leather from tearing off when stretched during a punishing hike.


Leather is naturally breathable but not as effective as mesh in venting heat. Your feet can get sweat-soaked if your boots cannot efficiently vent the heat. This could cause problems, especially during a summer hike.

Sweating due to prolonged exposure to heat irritates the foot, which causes blisters. Sweaty boots are also an ideal breeding ground for bacteria that causes bad odor and other foot diseases. Fortunately, Montara is lined with breathable membranes for better breathability.

Synthetic Soles

ahnu montana trek
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Synthetic soles are known for both comfort and toughness, which any hiking aficionado would definitely look for in a boot. Montara soles are relatively thin; you could feel a bit of stabbing from twigs and pointed rocks. However, they’re not enough to puncture the mighty Vibram soles.

Stepping on uneven hard surfaces is not an issue, as the Montara soles well support foot cushioning. They’re not just durable but also soft and flexible enough to provide foot comfort. Additionally, the synthetic shoe pad also has a good grip even on wet stream rocks.

Ahnu Sugarpine

Ahnu Sugarpine effectively combines style, functionality, and affordability. It’s a nice pair of boots for camping, climbing rocky terrain, and other all-weather backcountry activities. Sugarpine is also perfect for daily casual wear as you roam around the city – all these features for just $70.


Ahnu Sugarpine is made from the combined materials of 100% mesh, leather, and suede. Mesh is often used for breathability and to lighten the weight of products, but is not intended for durability. However, this is not an issue as the mesh is placed on low-wear areas of the boots.

To maintain durability, the mesh is reinforced with leather and suede. If you would take a closer look at the Sugarpine, the leather and suede are strategically placed at the high-wear areas of the boots. This doesn’t just make the shoes durable but also adds foot protection and ankle support.

Padded Gusseted Tongue

A shoe tongue keeps small debris like rocks, dust, soil, and chipped wood from your socks. Sharp debris can puncture your socks and may cut your skin. The dirt penetrates your sock and may cause infection.

A gusseted tongue is stitched to the upper boot part to ensure no small debris enters the shoes. This feature also helps stop the entry of water, making the boot more waterproof. The padding serves as a cushion for added protection and comfort.

Rubber Soles

ahnu sugarpine trek
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Having a Vibram rubber sole gives Sugarpine a little edge on the traction department. It is an important feature when hikers face unexpected terrains. A sole with good grip keeps hikers from injuries caused by accidental slips.

Although rubber is more prone to wear and tear, Vibram ensures that its rubber shoe pads are equally resilient like the synthetic ones. This feature guarantees to support your feet on any type of harsh terrain.

The Verdict: Ahnu Montara vs. Sugarpine

The Montara and Sugarpine proved their capabilities to weather any harsh terrain. The Vibram soles are quite good not just for traction but also for overall foot lining protection. Choosing which is the better boot really depends on how and where you hike.

Montara, although heavier than the Sugarpine is more durable, and would be the better choice if you’re more of an extreme hiker. The Sugarpine can also weather any type of terrain but may not outlast the more durable Montara. If you’re on a tight budget and only do short treks and light hikes, Sugarpine should be the better pick.