Are Windbreakers Waterproof?

If you’re the kind of person who likes to do a lot of outdoor activities even in unfriendly weather conditions, you might want to invest in a windbreaker. Windbreakers are a versatile type of jacket. They are one of the most popular outdoor garments nowadays. But many people, especially hikers who are looking to buy one, have one question in mind: Are windbreakers waterproof?

Well, the short answer is, they are not. Compared to highly waterproof rain jackets, windbreakers are highly wind and water-resistant. But even though they are not waterproof, windbreakers compensate for their outstanding breathability. Additionally, they are lightweight, which is perfect if you plan to go on a long hike trip.

To find out more about windbreakers, read on!

What Exactly Are Windbreakers?

Windbreakers are crafted to keep you warm and dry during windy and rainy conditions. In particular, some models are wind-resistant and don’t feature any waterproof properties. But these days, most latest models are highly wind- and water-resistant, and are dual purpose.

Windbreakers are a type of light jacket that is close-fitting and usually crafted with an elasticized wristbands and waistbands. Since they are both wind and water-resistant, they can effectively resist water penetration and block gusts of wind.

Furthermore, because they are tailored using a polyester material or single-layer nylon, this makes windbreakers breathable and lightweight. Due to the materials used to craft them, most of the windbreakers are not that pricey compared to rain jackets.

Main Traits of Windbreakers

Crafted to keep you both warm and dry, windbreakers generally feature certain similar features to each other. Here are the characteristics of windbreakers you must take note of:

Many Uses

Windbreakers are an ideal all-purpose coat. You don’t need to do exercise as an excuse to use one. A walk to your local grocery store or walking around your neighborhood with your pet are decent reasons to use your windbreaker.

A Lot of Variety

Similar to many garments out there, there are always new models of windbreakers hitting the US market. And as they developed, they become more functional and stylish, which gives you more choices.

Very Comfortable

Windbreakers are simple to take with you. Most of them are highly portable, flexible, and lightweight, which makes them perfect travel companions.


One of the main reasons why windbreakers are popular is because they are very lightweight. You can wear them comfortably without feeling too bulky. This trait makes them great for various physical activities and exercises.

Windbreakers’ Limit

Even though windbreakers are crafted to keep you dry during wet conditions and insulate you from the cold wind, they have their limits. For the most part, windbreakers are not tailored for arctic expeditions. They are also not crafted to keep you dry during heavy rains.

It would be best if you did not confuse windbreakers with raincoats. The former is made to be lightweight and thin, that’s why their thermal properties are not on equal standing with something like a large down pea coat or a parka.


These days, most windbreakers are tailored from either nylon or polyester. They are usually incorporated with polyamide to enhanced tear-resistance and flexibility. Also, certain windbreakers are integrated with elastane or other fabrics that give better fitting and flexibility.

This is a good thing because you don’t want to overlook the durability aspect when making a purchase. Furthermore, the materials used to craft windbreakers are perfect for those who value comfort more than anything else.

Why You Must Pick a Windbreaker with Flexible Seams and Fabrics

You must get a windbreaker with great flexibility so you can move freely and comfortably. But when it comes to versatility, it’s crucial to make sure that you will get the appropriate size for you.

If you are planning to purchase online, be sure to read the comments and reviews that discuss how precisely the available sizes match in real-life. Occasionally, consumers consider that it’s better to buy a size up or down. You must also ensure that you’ll be getting flexible seams and fabric to prevent tears and rips.

Why You Should Pick A Highly Water-Resistance Windbreaker

If you’re going to do a lot of outdoor physical activities, especially in isolated places, when hypothermia strikes you, having a reliable windbreaker with excellent water-resistance is just a must.

Many people that understand what it takes to do some physical activities outdoors during winter and early spring are aware that a highly water-resistant windbreaker is necessary.

What Kinds of Windbreakers Are Available Out There?

There are two most common types of windbreakers in the market today. They are running windbreakers and trail windbreakers. Both of these types are not tailored to provide you with the kind of protection you’ll acquire from an original raincoat. But for their price relative to their overall capabilities, they are certainly worth the price.

Trail Windbreakers

These types of windbreakers are specifically made for trail running. But you can also use trail windbreakers with trekking and hiking since they are very similar activities to trail running, though the latter requires you to run with more effort.

Running Windbreakers

From the name itself, these windbreakers are specifically made for running. They are perfect for baseball, basketball, soccer, or any other sports that require a lot of running. Running windbreakers are reliable products for various outdoor exercises, though they are usually ideal for under two hours of training sessions.

Why Purchase A Windbreaker?

There is a myriad of great reasons why you must get yourself a windbreaker. If you love strolling around your neighborhood, that is good enough to get one, since windbreakers will surely safeguard you from the wind and rain. Here are some other ideas for getting yourself a windbreaker:

Makes Your Training Easier

If you’re planning to train outdoors in the cold, you would want to keep your body temperature consistent as much as possible to prevent hypothermia from striking you. Additionally, windbreakers are lightweight, so rest assured that they won’t get in the way of your training, but instead, they are tailored to keep you warm and dry.

Windbreakers Are Crafted to Last

A good quality windbreaker is a good investment. If you clean and maintain it properly, a windbreaker should last many years in your care. Even if you always wear it for intense outdoor exercise, it will last a long time if you don’t abuse using it.

Perfect As Casual Garments

Windbreakers are sometimes considered as hybrid casual wear, which means they can be used as casual clothing. Also, the form-fitting designs and fabrics of windbreakers come in great colors and materials that look good even if it’s not raining or windy.

Main Pros and Cons of Windbreakers

At this point, you most likely know now quite a lot when it comes to windbreakers. Let’s discuss and summarize the main advantages and disadvantages of this clothing so you can be aware of what you will be getting before buying.


  • Windbreakers are very wind and water-resistant
  • They are compatible and easily combine with other clothing
  • They are perfect for various kinds of sports
  • Windbreakers maximize sports performance
  • Perfect for running and even hiking


  • They can’t withstand heavy rain
  • Windbreakers are not thermal


Regardless of your reasons, windbreaker jackets are an essential article of clothing for people who don’t want to be hindered from their outdoor activities by any weather conditions. True outdoor lovers, especially hikers and backpackers, won’t allow a little wind and rain to stop their outdoor objectives. That’s why they need the appropriate gear if they want to keep themselves warm and dry.

Overall, if you’re looking to be active and healthy even if the weather doesn’t want to cooperate, the best buy you can make is an excellent quality, wind, and water-resistant windbreaker jacket. Go outdoors today, and enjoy your outdoor activities while protecting yourself with a windbreaker jacket. Have fun!