Prana Brion vs. Zion

Prana is a prominent outdoor clothing manufacturer that crafts stylish, comfortable, and practical clothing options. Two of Prana’s most prominent pants are Prana Brion and Prana Zion.

In this article, we will be discussing the main differences between these two pants and what they have to offer. So make sure to stay tuned and get the right pants for your outdoor needs!

Comparison Table

On the first look, both Prana and Stretch Zion look very similar to each other. But what applications are they ideal for? Which one should you invest in? We have broken down the essential facts and put them into a table to have some ideas before going through the in-depth review.

SpecsPrana BrionPrana Stretch Zion
FitSmaller body framesVersatile to different body types
PocketsOnly 1 inner small pocket6 Cargo Pockets
Materials97% Nylon
3% Spandex
97% Nylon
3% Spandex
Water Resistance4/54/5

Main Differences and Similarities

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For the overview, the Prana Stretch Zion pants come with a side, dual entry cargo pocket, while the Prana Brion pants don’t have one. Additionally, the former comes with a contoured and adjustable waistband, while the latter doesn’t have one. Zion pants also have ventilation holes in the crotch area for temperature regulation, whereas Brion pants don’t have this feature.

But in particular, Brion has a tiny pocket inside the left-hand pocket (which is a typical feature you’ll see in most jeans), while Zion doesn’t have this pocket. Lastly, Brion pants are ideal for those small-frame people, while Zion pants usually come with a standard fit.

Both pants are incorporated with durable materials and exceptional craftsmanship, so they will surely last long. However, Prana Stretch Zion has more functionality compared to Prana Brion.

Pockets Design

Prana Stretch Zion is crafted with a dual-entry cargo pocket on its side. This gives you more storage space to put your items. The Prana Brion doesn’t have this pocket design. This pocket configuration of Zion is advantageous and easy to reach. You can effortlessly access it even while you’re sitting. This is particularly helpful during hikes since you’ll be sitting on the ground most of the time.

On the other hand, the Prana Brion has a particular pocket that the Zion pants don’t possess. But this one pocket seems to be a little bit small to hold more than your keys or wristwatch. That’s why if you prefer more storage space because of your more significant items, the additional cargo pocket of the Zion pants is a better choice.

Adjustable Waistband

Stretch Zion comes with a contoured and adjustable waistband that you can let out whenever you need to. Keep in mind that this waistband is not a belt. Because Prana Brion doesn’t have these extra functionalities, Zion pants tend to provide a better fit. Having an adjustable waistband adds up to Zion pants’ versatility since both pants come with a low profile fit.

Ventilation Holes

Prana Stretch Zion comes with six ventilation holes in the crotch area. These holes aid you to regulate your body temperature when you do intense outdoor activities. Meanwhile, the Prana Brion doesn’t come with such design. Brion pants are a little better insulated when it comes to cold conditions. However, these pants won’t provide you with the same fresh air circulation during high temperatures.

Fit and Sizing

When it comes to sizing, the Prana Brion comes with a slim fit. While the Prana Zion comes with a standard fit. If you happen to have a smaller frame and find that standard-sized pants are usually too baggy or loose on you, then the Brion pants are the better choice. The Prana Zion is the one to pick if you want a more standard fit.

Product Reviews

Prana Brion

Similar to Prana Zion pants, the Prana Brion pants also look like professional office khakis. These pants can be worn for your outdoor or daily activities. Since they don’t possess an outer cargo like those of Zion pants, Brion usually comes with a more streamlined silhouette. Its waistband utilizes belt loops rather than adjustable elastic. Also, it has a relatively slim fit.

Furthermore, the Prana Brion pants are incorporated with a unique inner pocket, which the Zion pants don’t possess. The pouch is very similar to those of jeans. It is tiny, and its primary purpose is to store your wristwatch or keys. When it comes to style, the Brion pants are available in more color options than Zion. It comes in 16 different colors and configurations to fit your preferences.

These pants keep things simple since they don’t come with fancy features and frills found on many hiking pants out there. This is a good factor since it allows the pants to have a much better hiking performance. Like Zion, the Brion has a minimalist design and is crafted from 3% spandex and 97% nylon, making it perfect for both daily and outdoor activities.

Its stretch material guarantees that the pants are very comfortable against your skin, while also providing better protection, durability, and mobility. Brion comes with a relatively slim fit and straight cut. Brion is also incorporated with durable water repellent technology or DWR coating applied to the outer fabric to aid in repelling water droplets before they get absorbed into the inner material.

Lastly, it has excellent versatility. But compared to the Zion pants, its functionality as hiking pants in various climates or weather conditions seems to be lacking with technical features that can expand its utility. For instance, Brion pants are warm, not convertible, and don’t come with any significant breathability traits to aid in regulating your temperature during your activities.

On the flip side, the Prana Brion pants will provide overall excellent performance for different outdoor activities and even in your office.

Prana Zion

The Prana Zion pants look like khaki pants for office wear. The only difference is that they are incorporated with extra cargo pockets for your small items. Despite Zion’s professional style and craftsmanship, these pants are specifically made for hikers. They are usually available in twelve different colors.

Prana Zion pants also come with great abrasion-resistance compared to your regular khaki pants. If they get dragged over rough rock surfaces or scratched by branches, these pants will come through without fraying or tearing. Their dual-entry cargo pocket can effortlessly be reached, and it’s big enough to store your keys, smartphone, or wallet.

There is just so much to like about these pants. Zion are one of the most comfortable hiking pants you can find in the market today. They also come with a simple but good feature set, emphasized by a very low-profile waist tightener, a single dual-zippered cargo pocket, and snap buttons placed on the lower legs that allow you to roll up the pants’ cuffs effortlessly.

Zion pants look and feel like your typical pair of pants. And many users love this aspect since it means they could wear the pants out around their neighborhood. These pants come with a laid back and comfortable style, which is ideal for daily use. But at the same time, they are also perfect for hiking trips.

They are crafted from durable and lightweight material. And what’s so good about the material used to make it is that it is water-repellent. This is perfect if you frequently find yourself hiking in wet weather conditions. Specifically, the content is a mix of 3% spandex and 97% nylon. The nylon component is what makes Zion pants water-repellant and very durable. On the other hand, the spandex provides excellent flexibility and stretchier fit while hiking. Its adjustable waistband enables you to move the pants to fit many various body types.

Finally, its ventilation systems are most likely what makes the pants far superior to the Prana Brion. The first ventilation feature it offers is its roll-up leg snaps that enable you to regulate how much fresh air enters through the bottom of the pants. The other ventilation system is around the crotch, which comprises of ventilation holes.

Overall, the Prana Zion pants offer excellent value because of its affordability while providing exceptional quality. Aside from hiking, these pants are also perfect for other outdoor activities such as climbing. Zion’s features are simple but highly functional.


All in all, Prana Brion and Prana Zion are excellent pants for outdoor activities, especially hiking. They are durable, comfortable, and reliable enough for long-term use.

In terms of comfort, fit, and functionalities, the Prana Zion is superior to Brion. Its additional cargo pockets enable you to store more items, making it an ideal pick if you plan to go on longer adventures or bring many things.

Additionally, its standardized fit and adjustable waistband make it effortless to fit different body types, whereas the Prana Brion pants only work for slim fit body frames. Lastly, Zion’s ventilation holes provide added comfort that you won’t get with Brion.

The Prana Brion might be for you if you want pants with an inner pocket where you can store your small items though you must keep in mind that this internal pocket is quite small.

Overall, despite all the extra advantages of Zion, if you prefer no-feature, minimalist pants, then opt with Prana Brion. And go with Prana Zion if you’re looking for more functional Prana pants, especially for your hiking needs.

We hope this review helps you make a smart decision. Have a great time!