Klymit Static V vs. V2

In many countries, especially the USA, camping is one of the most favorite outdoor activities. That’s the reason why sleeping gears for camping have a vital part of any camping list. One gear that has become in-demand is the sleeping pad.

Compared to a standard sleeping mat, sleeping pads are very similar to a mattress. Two standard versions are used typically: Foam-filled and Inflatable. Because inflatable sleeping pads are more popular than foam-filled, we will have a look at two models of inflatable pads from the same brand: Klymit Static V and Klymit Static V2.

With that said, let’s get deeper at these two models from Klymit and compare their features to determine which one is perfect for your camping needs.

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Comparison Table

SpecsKLYMIT STATIC V Sleeping PadKLYMIT Static V2 Sleeping Pad
Weight18.7 oz.
(530 grams)
16.6 oz.
(471 grams)
Antimicrobial TreatedNoYes
Inflation Required10-15 breaths10 breaths
Fabric LayersSingle LayerDouble Layer
Air Retention+++
Material75D Polyester30D Polyester Top
75D Polyester Bottom
Packed Size3 inch x 8 inch
(7.62 cm x 20 cm)
3 inch x 8 inch
(7.62 cm x 20 cm)
Dimensions72 inch x 23 inch x 2.5 inch
(182.88 cm x 58.42 cm x 6.35 cm)
72 inch x 23 inch x 2.5 inch
(182.88 cm x 58.42 cm x 6.35 cm)

Main Differences

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To have a good understanding of which model is more suitable for your camping needs, let’s take a closer look at the features of each of them.

Side Rails

Compared to the Klymit Static V model, the Klymit Static V2 is incorporated with an advanced side rails system. Its function is to keep you stable in the middle of the pad while you’re sleeping. This significantly reduces the chances of slipping off onto the cold and hard ground so you can have a good night’s sleep.

Air Retention

An inflatable pad is good if it has an excellent capacity to retain air. When it comes to Klymit Static V vs. V2, the former seems to have some air leakage problems as reported by verified users. On the other hand, the Klymit Static V2 has excellent air retention.

Antimicrobial Properties

Unlike Klymit Static V, the V2 model is antimicrobial treated. Meaning, the chances of developing unpleasant odors are significantly minimized. Meanwhile, it would be best if you took additional precautions when cleaning the V version after use to make sure that unpleasant odors won’t grow.


The manufacturer claims that the fabric used to craft the V2 version is new and upgraded from the V version. Klymit Static V uses only a single layer of material, while Klymit Static V2 comes with two different diners. What’s excellent about double-layering is that it provides added protection from wear and tear. Additionally, two layers provide added insulation to keep you warm during a cold night.


The main difference between Klymit Static V and V2 is the weight. Klymit claims that the upgraded version is 12% lighter compared to its predecessor. This may look like a small difference. But if you’re planning to hand-carry most of your camping essentials, every added weight to your gears count.

Product Reviews

Klymit Static V

The Klymit Static V is versatile and durable. It’s also easy to install and use whenever needed. You get this pad in different colors of your picking, ranging from various shades of hue to green or coyote-sand. This sleeping pad’s unique design restricts air movement and limits heat loss. This factor allows you to get a good night’s sleep and wake up fresh in the morning.

Its push valve makes deflation and inflation effortless. In just a matter of 10-15 breaths, your sleeping pad is ready to sleep into for the rest of the night. Klymit Static V is also incredibly lightweight. It weighs 18.07 ounce, which makes it very portable in a deflated state. Its specially crafted V-shaped configuration guarantees that you’ll have a comfortable sleep regardless of the position you go in.

Also, its side rails aid you in keeping in the middle of the sleeping pad. It also lessens movement while you’re sleeping so that you won’t get toss and turn a lot. Lastly, the Klymit Static V is made with a high-quality fabric that makes this backpacker-friendly sleeping pad softer and lighter.

Klymit V2

The Klymit V2 is the upgraded version of Klymit Static V, and it is now even lighter! It is softer and lighter compared to Klymit Static V because it is crafted from high-end fabric. At 16.6 ounce, this new and upgraded product from Klymit gives a comfortable good night’s sleep.

You’ll be even more secure because its V-shape effectively takes the contour of your body. Moreover, it is incorporated with dynamic side rails, so you don’t fall on the cold, hard ground while you’re sleeping. Its valve’s twist-pull design aids you to inflate it effortlessly in just ten breaths and allows you to deflate it quickly.

Its fabric comprises of two layers of 75D and 30D polyester that gives enough security from wear and tear. Its pad is treated with antimicrobial chemicals to prevent the buildup of microscopic elements such as fungus and bacteria, causing bad smells.

Lastly, it comes with a patch kit for fixing your sleeping pad just in case you accidentally puncture the sleeping pad.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Do Klymit Pads Have Weight Limit?

All Klymit sleeping pads are evaluated to sleep comfortably and securely up to 300 pounds. Of course, even past this point, the sleeping pad will still be functional. However, the user might have less cushioning effect from the inflation of the sleeping pad’s air chambers.

What Is An Acceptable Level of Deflation When It Comes to Sleeping Pad?

Since our breath is warm, when you inflate your sleeping pad, it might seem fully inflated at first. But when the air inside the sleeping pad cools down, the air will condense, and it will look like that the sleeping pad is deflating. That’s why we highly suggest you inflate your pad one hour before sleeping. Then top it off right before sleeping for maximum comfort. However, if it seems you’re experiencing more deflation than this, make sure to fix it professionally.

What’s the Best Way to Store a Klymit Pad?

You can store your sleeping pad as long as you roll it up nicely and neatly. But be sure to wipe it down with a damp cloth to eliminate any dirt that might be present and ensure that it is completely dry before storing it for a long time.

How to Clean a Klymit Sleeping Pad?

Pads perform best when they are maintained and cleaned frequently. For dirty sleeping pads, just mix one tablespoon of baking soda with 2 cups of warm water and just wipe down with a washcloth. After wiping, just rinse thoroughly. Make sure not to resort to any detergents. You shouldn’t also wash it in a washing machine.

On What Temperature Can I utilize My Klymit Sleeping Pad In and Still Stay Warm?

There are various factors when it comes to keeping your sleeping pad warm. Some examples are the temperature of the ground, the clothes you’re wearing, the sleeping bag rating itself, and many more. But for the most part, Klymit’s insulated sleeping pads are one of the warmest as they come with an R-value of 4 to 6.5. A pad’s R-value measures its ability to keep you warm from the cold ground and insulate you. Essentially, the higher the R-value, the more effective a gear is.

What Is R-Value and How Do You Know What R-Value Your Sleeping Pad Will Have?

R-value is a measurement of air-flow through a particular item. The higher the R-value is, the more insulation that item can give. Klymit’s sleeping pad range from an R-value of 1 to 6.5.

How Much Should You Inflate Your Klymit Sleeping Pad?

Every sleeping pad comes with an advisable number of breaths for inflation. The inflation pressure of your sleeping pad is more of a personal preference. That’s why we suggest that you experiment with various pressure levels to find what’s best suited. It is crucial to not over-inflate your sleeping pad since it may cause problems along the way.

Are Klymit Sleeping Pads Noisy?

While many sleeping pads can make a little bit of noise during movement, with Klymit sleeping pads, you don’t need to worry about sounding like you’re utilizing a potato chip bag as a sleeping pad.


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The most noticeable difference between Klymit Static V and V2 is their weight. If you’re looking to have a more lightweight sleeping pad, get the Klymit V2.

Here are other factors that can help you decide which one to get. The Klymit Static V is portable, lightweight, and comfortable. It comes with a wide range of colors to pick from, and it’s easy to inflate. Its fabric is durable, and it comes with a handy stuff bag that makes it effortless to bring around.

Meanwhile, the Klymit Static V2 is an upgraded version of Klymit Static V. It comes with improved fabric and is now antimicrobial treated. Most of its features are pretty similar to its first version. But it now comes with a body mapping technology and extra deep weld for additional comfort. While retaining its predecessor’s useful features, all these new features make the Klymit Static V2 more superior.

If you’re willing to spend more, then it’s better to get this sleeping pad. Have fun on your next camping trip.

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