Wide Toe Box Boots

Wide toe box boots are the perfect gear to help you relieve yourself from swollen feet, bunions, and other common foot issues during hiking trips. As the name suggests, shoes for wide feet come with a wide area so your toes can spread naturally and minimize the stress that your toes must endure.

Compared to regular hiking boots, boots for wider feet can significantly enhance your balance and stability. These shoes also reduce the chances of injuries. Wide toe box shoes provide outstanding comfort during a trip because of their unique design.

That’s why in this article we will show you the best wide toe box boots for your hard-earned money. You’ll also learn what factors to look for during your buying process. Furthermore, we’ve answered some frequently asked questions about shoes for wider feet. So, stay tuned!

Comparison Table

This comparison table will give you a quick preview of what wide toe box boots in this article have to offer.

ProductsBest ApplicationCutWaterproof (Gore-Tex)WeightWidthMaterialPrice
Hanwag Alaska GTX

BackpackingHigh cutYes875g
(1.92 lbs.)
Narrow, Normal, Wide, X-Wide | NormalNubuck leather (waxed)$$$
Danner Crater Rim

(1.81 lbs.)
Normal, Wide | NormalLeather, Rubber sole, Vibram sole$$$
Vasque Talus Trek UltraDry

Day HikingMid-cutYes567g
(1.25 lbs.)
Normal | Normal, WideLeather, Mesh upper, Rubber sole, Vibram sole$
Hanwag Tatra II GTX

(1.68 lbs.)
Narrow, Normal, Wide | Narrow, Normal, WideNubuck leather$$$
Oboz Sawtooth II Mid BDry

Day HikingMid-cutYes539g
(1.19 lbs.)
Normal, Wide | NormalLeather, Rubber sole, Mesh upper$
Hanwag Anvik GTX

Snow TripsHigh-cutYes600g
(1.3 lbs.)
Narrow, Normal | NormalLeather, Rubber sole, Vibram sole$$

Product Reviews

Hanwag Alaska GTX

Hanwag always offers premium-quality boots, and the Hanwag Alaska GTX are among those products as they are made from high-quality materials for long-lasting use. These boots come with a waterproof Gore-Tex membrane to prevent water from seeping in. Full rubber rand and waxed nubuck upper offers excellent durability against heavy brush, stumps, and rocks. Additionally, their Vibram Foura soles give excellent grip when you are hiking long distances over craggy surfaces.

Hanwag Alaska GTX boots are compatible with strap-on crampons, making hiking over snowy surfaces easy. Meanwhile, their heel shock absorption soaks up vibration for improved comfortability. These boots also come with an internal harness that locks down your heel for blister prevention and total ankle support. They also offer Air Pulse circulation vents through a pumping action at the tongue.

As for the comfort factor, many hikers and backpackers appreciate the Hanwag Alaska GTX. A myriad of purchasers loves the ankle’s extra support because this component helps in preventing twisting while hiking on rough surfaces. Overall, with Hanwag Alaska GTX’s excellent grip, waterproofness, and the balance of support and comfort make these boots excellent value for the money.

Danner Crater Rim

These wide toe box boots are heavy-duty hiking gears that are incorporated with breathable and 100% waterproof Gore-Tex linings, Vibram Bifida outsoles, and nubuck leather uppers. During a hike, the Danner Crater Rim’s rand protects them from scuffs and abrasion, ensuring longevity.

Like the boots we discussed above, the Danner Crater Rim are waterproof, and their Gore-Tex membrane extends to the user’s ankle. This design ensures that the water won’t seep in even if your feet are in deep puddles.

As for the support, these boots offer plenty of arch and ankle support. Danner Crater Rim’s laces also make it easy to customize the fit. These boots are simply top-notch gear and are perfect for hikers, backpackers, and adventure travelers. If you’re seeking ample support in a durable package, then the Danner Crater Rims are an excellent choice.

Even though Danner Crater Rim boots are not specifically made for winter, you will still be fine using them in winter. Moreover, these boots don’t come with insulation, so it’s better to equip yourself with a thick pair of wool socks.

Vasque Talus Trek UltraDry

With Vasque Talus Trek UltraDry wide toe box boots, you’ll get excellent hiking boot performance with lightweight comfort. Their durable nubuck in the upper minimizes damage from large roots and rocks, while their abrasion-resistant mesh gives excellent breathability. They also come with an air-permeable UltraDry waterproof membrane that protects your feet from getting wet.

Their dual-density EVA footbed and EVA midsole cushion your step and return energy to each stride. These boots’ Vibram Nuasi outsole guarantees a long-lasting grip on different trails you encounter. Many hikers and backpackers recognized Vasque Talus Trek UltraDry boots for their outstanding midsole support, superior comfort, and tenacious traction.

These boots are crafted around a narrow heel and a spacious forefoot, and these provide great comfort for all types of feet. Their new version of Vibram sole also comes with deep, chunky V-shaped lugs crafted out of soft, sticky rubber compounds.

Hanwag Tatra II GTX

The Hanwag Tatra II GTX Boots are the updated version of the brand’s top-selling unit. The new Tatras have been redesigned to have a more contemporary look. They shed some weight too due to the new style. The manufacturer has enhanced their comfort, and they have also included a new women’s version too that comes with a lower ankle cuff. Like gender-specific models, the brand also offers the Tatra II GTX in narrow, wide, and standard fittings. Hanwag also offers models for hikers and backpackers with bunions.

Hanwag Tatras have a solid feel to them. Their upper is from the top-quality nubuck, and the boots have sophisticated design with flex cutaways at the lower ankle to the upper instep area. Their ankle cuffs are nicely-padded with breathable leather lining. Aside from that, their heel cups are stiffened and come with a hard rubber lower section that protects the feet on rocky surfaces.

Hanwag Tatra’s nubuck provides a great amount of protection without being too rigid. The nubuck also molds well to your feet shape. As for comfort, their tongues come with a lot of padding and a leather lining at the top. Also, their fabric lining also wicked moisture very effectively.

Overall, these boots by Hanwag provide a great plush feel, ankle support, and sturdy construction. The Hanwag Tatra II GTX boots are an excellent piece of gear for backpackers and hikers, all thanks to their outstanding features.

Oboz Sawtooth II Mid BDry

These wide toe box boots by Oboz are crafted with lightweight but durable synthetic and leather materials. These boots are also waterproof and well-ventilated while providing ample cushioning. Their mid-rise uppers have a hybrid build, combining high-tenacity fabrics and nubuck leather to make these boots abrasion-resistant and very durable. They are equipped with a high-tech waterproof membrane along with mesh vents for better ventilation.

The Oboz Sawtooth II Mid BDry boots also come with lightweight molded heel counters that comfortably hold your heel comfortably and securely. These boots also feature an asymmetrical collar to fit the real shape of your ankles. This improves the overall comfortability. Under feet, these boots’ nylon shank and dual-density EVA foam give exceptional stability, flexibility, and comfortable cushioning. Additionally, the Oboz Sawtooth II Mid BDry feature effective moisture-wicking materials, a stability-enhancing and shock-absorbing heel cup, and plush EVA foam under the forefoot and heel.

Furthermore, these boots’ rubber outsoles provide confident footing off-trail or on because of excellent traction. Finally, the Oboz Sawtooth II Mid BDry boots are more affordable than full hiking boots out there. Given that these boots excel in various conditions, durable enough to last for years, and come with a well-constructed and supportive insole, these boots undoubtedly offer great value for the money.

Hanwag Anvik GTX

If you’re looking for wide toe box boots that are ideal for town-use and intense hiking trips, then the Hanwag Anvik GTX boots are your perfect bet. These boots offer an excellent grip because they use the same rubber that Michelin developed for their winter-specific tires. They’re not engineered for crampon use, though they are suitable for snow-covered tracks, icy trails, and slippery pavements.

Hanwag Anvik GTX boots’ soles are Michelin V-ROUGH, which is incorporated with deep lugs and clever rubber, that is why these boots are very grippy. The upper portion of the boots also utilizes a high-grain and fine-looking nubuck leather that has a Gore-Tex waterproof membrane. All these components help to provide excellent durability, warmth, full wet weather protection, and style.

As for their comfortability, the manufacturer made sure that the boots’ midsoles are cushioned but, at the same time, solid enough to give protection over rough surfaces. With the use of StraightFit last, Hanwag was able to ensure a good space for the toes to move comfortably. Lastly, these boots offer exceptional durability and can last you a long time due to the top-notch quality materials used to craft them.

Buying Guide

Boots are one of the most critical gear for hikers. Having the right boots will aid you to go down the trail much more comfortable. In particular, when it comes to choosing wide toe box boots, certain factors must be considered first. These include but are not limited to: fit, water-resistance, warmth, weight, stability, durability, and comfort.


The most critical part when purchasing wide toe box boots is to get the right fit. Choose one that comes with a snug fit at the heel and spacious area for your toes. “Fit first” is one basic rule when looking for wide toe box hiking boots. Simply search for a shop with a knowledgeable crew, and don’t forget to bring the socks you wear during your hiking trips and your aftermarket insole. By doing these, you’ll be able to get the right fit for your feet and toes.


It’s a given that excellent craftsmanship is equal to longevity and durability. It’s always good to inquire about the quality of gluing, eyelet attachments, and stitching. For the most part, the fewer seams and stitching, the lower the chances of blowouts and leaks.


If you want the most durable wide-toe box boots, make sure to choose one made from nubuck leather, reverse full-grain, or full-grain. On the other hand, if you don’t have that much budget and just prefer breathable wide toe box boots, you can opt to mesh, suede, or split-grain boots.


If you find yourself usually hiking in wet or raining conditions, make sure you always choose wide toe box boots with Gore-Tex technology or if it’s not available, any other boots that have waterproof liners/treatment. Aside from being more waterproof, boots with this kind of technology improve breathability in full leather boots. It’s also an excellent idea to choose boots with a high rubber bumper to protect the boots from rocky surfaces. Boots with mesh components are perfect for hot and dry places.

Dial-In the Fit

You’ll be able to get a good fit when there are no empty pockets or pinching when pressing around the outside of the boots, there’s good space for your toes to wiggle, and if the eyelets are almost parallel to each other.


Bring the boots home and wear them around for several days to test the fit even more. Good boots always have the right fit out of the box and not after taking a few intense hikes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Wide Toe Box Boots Better In Providing Ankle Support?

It will be based on how you define ankle support. You can’t say that since she/he didn’t have any ankle injuries with her/his high-cut or mid-cut hiking boots, it will imply that it is better in providing ankle support. Some hikers use low-cut hiking boots and didn’t experience any ankle injuries at all.

It could take a little bit of testing, but searching for the right wide toe box boots that can provide excellent ankle support will most likely depend on your preference. There are different kinds of terrains, that’s why there are also different kinds of footwear. You may find mid-cut hiking boots to be more supportive than low-cut hiking shoes or vice versa.

How to Prevent Wide Toe Box Boots from Getting Smelly If You Have Sweaty Feet?

Many hikers are prone to acquiring profusely sweaty feet because of the intense activities during a hiking trip. You can apply some antiperspirants to aid in keeping your feet dry. Some hikers resort to astringent rubs that contain a chemical that temporarily closes skin pores.

On a side note, don’t use baby powders or foot powders that contain cornstarch because they just absorb sweat and become an ideal breeding ground for fungus when moist. All in all, even if you have sweaty feet, you can prevent your hiking boots from bad odor by simply changing your socks regularly, an effective routine, boots maintenance, and applying the right skincare. Remember, you should take care of your foot health if you love hiking!

Is It Okay to Use Wide Toe Box Boots for Running?

It’s not a good idea because running typically needs a featherweight footgear that mainly focuses on how the feet extend. Of course, some hiking boots can give that kind of support. But in general, regardless of how lightweight your hiking boots are, they still possess that additional weight compared to running shoes. Additionally, hiking boots are slightly stiff, thus limiting your ankles’ range of motion. So, if you use hiking boots for running, then you must prepare yourself for some drawbacks.

Can Wide Toe Box Boots Be Resoled?

Yes, but not all. Generally, it will depend on how the boots are reconstructed. There is a myriad of ways when it comes to shoe construction. And the most used techniques are cementing and Goodyear welting. It varies on how the outsole and midsole, and upper are connected. Since these types of construction differ in skills and materials needed in completing one, the price of resoling varies too.


So, why get wide toe box boots? Wide toe box boots offer excellent comfort to your toes, especially in long hikes. Hikers who are tired of enduring squeezed toes will find great roomy comfort in these types of boots. In particular, people who suffer from bunions will surely find the spaciousness of wide toe box boots beneficial with their conditions. If you want to get the most out of your hiking, make sure to get wide toe box boots.

If you’re unsure of which wide toe box boots to choose from the list above, let us share our top two favorites. Our top pick is the Hanwag Alaska GTX. Apart from the fact that these boots are made by Hanwag, we like them because of their incredible versatility. They are very comfortable to use even for long days of hiking. Plus, they are very durable mainly because they are made from premium-quality materials. They are waterproof, highly breathable, have excellent grips, great ankle supports, and more! Even if they are a little bit pricey, you’ll surely get the best value for your money.

And our second top pick is the Danner Crater Rim. If you prefer durability over everything else, then these boots are worth your hard-earned money. They are equipped with well-ventilated and 100% waterproof Gore-Tex linings, Vibram Bifida outsoles, and nubuck leather uppers. Aside from durability, these boots also offer outstanding comfortability, which is perfect for long trips.

Now, it’s your time to pick the best shoes for wide feet. Don’t limit your toes’ ability to help you in your hiking trips. Get a wide toe box hiking boots now and get the most out of your adventure!