Osprey Volt 60 Review

You might find it hard to search for the ideal bag for your trips if you’re new to hiking or backpacking. Even experienced hikers and backpackers have issues acquiring a comfortable pack on both weekend adventures and quick trips, a great fit, and the right features. Good thing because the Osprey Volt 60 can solve these issues. The Osprey Volt 60 is one of the most prominent backpacks in the market today, especially because Osprey makes it.

Osprey has long been known to be a leading brand when it comes to manufacturing backpacks. In particular, the Osprey Volt 60 is one of the company’s leading designs. This pack comes with pretty much everything you require without all the additional bells and whistles that some hikers and backpackers feel can weigh down an ideal pack.

Now in this article, we will be examining all the features of Osprey Volt 60 and what it has to offer. These include its affordability, best uses, versatility, materials, and comfortable fit. By going all over these features, you’ll decide whether this pack is what you need for your backpacking needs.

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Specs Table

Osprey Volt 60

Ideal UseBackpacking and Hiking
Frame TypeInternal Frame (3.5 mm peripheral wire)
Gear Capacity (L)
(cubic inch)
60 liters
(3,661 cubic inches)
Weight3 lbs. 14.7 oz.
(1780 g)
Hip Belt PocketsYes
Sleeping Bag CompartmentYes
Number of Exterior Pockets4+ main compartment
Pack AccessTop/front
Suspended Mesh Back PanelYes
Hydration CompatibleYes
Number of Stays1 peripheral hoop
Frame MaterialSteel alloy
Material210 D nylon double diamond ripstop, 600 D packcloth
Fits Waist/Hips29 - 51 inches
Fits Torso Length (in.)17 - 23 inches
(43 – 58 cm)
Adjustable Torso LengthYes
Adjustable HarnessYes
Adjustable Waist BeltYes
WarrantyLimited Lifetime

Our Verdict

The Osprey Volt 60 will fit most body frames, which is why it is an excellent first backpack for hiking and backpacking newbies. It comes with a top-loading design with a handful of smaller features, a lid along with a pair of zippered pockets, an external stretch beavertail pocket, as well as a sleeping bag compartment.

It comes with all the features that many backpackers need for their trips without a lot of unnecessary add-ons. It is also big enough for trips that might last up to five days. Overall, the Osprey Volt 60 outperforms many pricey models in the market, making it one of our favorites.

Osprey Volt 60

The Osprey Volt 60 is perfect for newbie hikers. It will fit most body frames, and it can get most people through the learning phases of intermediate trips and terrain. To find out more about what it has to offer, let’s take a look at its various features and advantages.

Main Features

The Osprey Volt 60 is not your typical fancy backpack. It is crafted to give users the essential needs they require on their trips. It provides a top-loading design that a lot of users find themselves fond of. With its large compartment, you can effortlessly reach your gears. Osprey Volt 60’s sleeping bag compartment is an ideal feature that you will see in many Osprey bags.

This particular feature enables you to carry out a full-size sleeping bag for weekend stays and overnight camping trips. This spacious bag may not be the biggest on the market. However, with its compartment, you’ll still get the ability to bring more items.

The compartment also features a zipper to conveniently access your sleeping bag without having to remove all your other gears before doing so. Both hikers and backpackers typically like to bring a sleeping pad for additional convenience.

Aside from that, this pack also features sleeping pad straps that enable you to attach your gears and accessories. If you like colder climates, this pack also comes with ice ax loops to have more fun in your backpacking adventures.


Since this pack is crafted from high-quality materials, you will find that you don’t need to worry about carrying a reasonable load in it. It can withstand loads of up to 35 pounds, allowing you to enjoy your trip with all the items you need while keeping them safe and secure.


The manufacturer doesn’t claim that this pack is incorporated with superior waterproof technology. Instead, Osprey lets those who use their bag judge for themselves. We found out that the Osprey Volt 60 is quite resistant to rain. While hiking, you will find yourself not having to worry about your gears getting wet.

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The Volt 60 is recognized as an extra flexible backpack. Compared to other heftier packs out there, this one can move with you while you’re trekking the trails. The style that Osprey has offered to this model enables hikers to move comfortably and efficiently, which makes their trip more enjoyable.


The Osprey Volt 60 is perfect for any terrain. Its material quality makes it very good for different kinds of terrains. Similar to any backpack, hiking through challenging terrain might cause problems like rips and tears. But with the excellent durability and warranty of this pack, you won’t find yourself having a problem wherever you are in the wilderness.

Pockets and Attachments

In terms of pockets and attachments, this pack won’t let you down. On its lid, you will see a pair of zippered pockets that help you easily reach your small items. Gears like compasses, gloves, or other tools are a perfect fit for this area of the bag.

On the side of the pack, you will see two stretch water bottle pockets crafted to stretch material and can each store a 1-liter water bottle. Meanwhile, the hip belt features a pair of zippered pockets of their own, spacious enough to carry small items for added convenience.

On the exterior of Osprey Volt 60, you will see an external mesh pocket made of stretch material. This particular pocket is functional in size and provides secure storage space for items like wet clothing or certain extras you’ll use when taking a break.

One of the most recognizable pockets of this pack is its beavertail pocket. This particular pocket is an ideal area to store a pair of water shoes or wet rain jacket after a rainy day.


Osprey Volt 60’s design is what makes it an excellent all-around pack. It is crafted from high-quality foam and has a sleek look. It is light and free of the heavy frame that many backpackers find weighty and off-putting. However, if you’re searching for better support and suspension, then picking a pack with a sturdier frame is also an excellent option.

The Osprey Volt 60 effortlessly adjusts to fit and body frame with its adjustable hip belt and shoulder straps. Osprey Volt 60’s shoulder straps come with many different adjustments that can be made.

Weight and Capacity

This pack’s weight is one of its most significant selling points. The Osprey Volt 60 is known to be quite light compared to other packs of the same size. Its lightweight frame is the main reason why it is light despite its size.

This frame enables the users still to get the complete benefits of a 60-liter pack while maintaining the weight. When it is loaded, this pack is still considered one of the lightest backpacks in its size range, making it perfect for the ins and outs of backpacking. At four pounds and five ounces, the Osprey Volt 60 is not overly heavy.

But at the same, it is not featherweight because of the many standard features incorporated in it, heavyweight materials, and fully adjustable suspension. If you want to minimize the load as much as possible, you can get rid of features you don’t want, such as the top lid, rain cover, or the sleeping pad straps.


Comfort is another significant aspect of the Osprey Volt 60. Many add-ons have been incorporated to make this pack cozier while you are taking on the trails. Among the reasons backpackers consider the Osprey Volt 60 as one of the most comfortable backpacks are its hip belt and shoulder straps.

The first accessory offers an additional six inches of adjustability, while the latter is easily adjustable. Also, it has added comfort because it is a lightweight backpack. The Volt 60 comes with a functional but straightforward suspension system that does an excellent job supporting moderate loads.

Its “AirScape” foam back panel comes with an ideal density with horizontal channels to enable heat to exit for greater breathability. On the other hand, its “LightWire” frame aids in transferring the weight of the load down to the hip belt. Meanwhile, the hip belts and shoulder straps are constructed with a breathable foam and mesh to support the load without feeling constricting on your collarbone and hips.

Also, its main compartment helps in keeping the weight close to your back, which typically makes your load more comfortable to carry. If used in moderate loads of around 30 to 40 pounds, the Osprey Volt 60 can carry of what the more expensive packs can.

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The Osprey Volt 60 finds placed in the center of the spectrum in terms of size. At 60-liter capacity, this backpack comes with sufficient storage to carry everything necessary for a one-day trip and effortlessly handle a weekend adventure. Even though the Osprey Volt 60 is promoted as a backpack without all the add-ons, you will still see that you’ve plenty of space to carry everything essential.

Its adjustable shoulder straps are one of its most significant advantages. Even though this has already been discussed, it is crucial to note its role in terms of size. With many gaps for the shoulder straps to pass through, you will quickly notice that this pack easily adjusts to almost any size required.

Ease of Use

When buying this pack, you’ll find yourself acquiring a great pack but also pretty easy to use. The Osprey Volt 60 provides convenient access from the lid and sufficient space to make your next adventure a memorable one. All its pockets are easily accessible with zippers and pull effortlessly.

Packing your items is now easy with its convenient main compartment. Additionally, it comes with straps as a bonus. It has a reasonably simple design while sporting a majority of the features that many hikers and backpackers are looking for.

It offers a sleeping bag compartment with easy-to-access zipper, zipper pockets on either side of its lid, lower sleeping pad straps, ice ax loops, dual-zippered hip belt pockets, a stretch beavertail pocket, as well as one-liter water bottle pockets. This pack simply offers a pretty long list of beneficial features despite its basic design.

Osprey Volt 60’s dual-zippered hip belt pockets do an excellent job of storing small gears such as compass and map. Its shove-it pocket is a convenient, easy place to put your light layer, pack cover, or rain jacket. It also comes with a detachable and integrated pack, which is another great feature that doesn’t typically come with backpacks.

Finally, the sleeping bag compartment utilizes a heavy gauge zipper for access and a detachable divider if you like to top load everything. Aside from that, the straps that cover the compartment are perfect for lashing a closed-cell foam sleeping pad, or just remove them if you don’t use them. With Osprey Volt 60, you’ll see yourself making quick, effortless packing for your next trip.

Ideal Applications

In terms of the ideal applications for this pack, day trips are a breeze. The Osprey Volt 60 offers the ability to bring all the items you need for a quick day trek. The Osprey Volt 60 is among the best packs available for people who find themselves newly exploring into the world of hiking as well as backpacking. Lastly, this pack is lightweight, easy to use, and provides an outstanding degree of comfort.


Osprey Volt 60’s suspension system is based on an HDPE sheet and a light wire aluminum frame. Its harness holds for the hip belt and is very adjustable. All you need to do with the harness is to simply break velcro and slide the harness up or down to your preferred position.

Located on the hip belt, you’ll see the Fit-on-the-Fly system, which is also based on velcro connection. Similar to the harness, you break it and pull the fins into your preferred position. Aside from that, you can adjust it without removing the backpack from your back. Additionally, the back surface is covered with a mesh, which is also known as the “AirScape” system. Lastly, its sternum strap is adjustable and incorporated with an emergency whistle.


Unlike other backpacks of the same size, this pack takes on all corners in price. The Osprey Volt 60 is known to be one of the most inexpensive packs available in the market. This pack brings together all the essential features someone could look for in a pack with great affordability.

Main Takeaway

The Osprey Volt 60 is your above-average pack at a very affordable price range. Despite its low price, Volt 60 didn’t sacrifice its features. This pack is also lighter compared to average packs at a similar volume. Its fit and design make it a suitable pick for a wide range of uses. It is also an excellent choice for traveling, multi-day ski touring, or mountaineering.


How Do You Adjust the Osprey Volt 60?

You can follow these quick, easy steps on how to adjust your Osprey Volt 60.

How Do You Pack with an Osprey Volt 60?

The process is. Simply follow this tutorial video, and you’re good to go.

Can You Pack a Computer With this?

There aren’t any specific computer pockets in Osprey Volt 60. Aside from not having a particular computer pocket, it doesn’t have as much protection for your device.

What’s the Difference Between the Osprey 60 Volt and the 75 Volt?

The numbers represent the pack’s capacity in liters. In short, the Osprey Volt 60 has a 60-liter gear capacity while the Osprey Volt 75 has a 75-liter gear capacity.

Can It Hold a Tent?

Of course, but that will depend on the size of the tent. As long as the tent is reasonably-sized, it won’t be an issue.

Is this Usable for Four Seasons?

Yes. It is perfect for summer because it is lightweight and breathable. On the flip side, it’s also good to use for autumn or winter since it is incorporated with a rain cover.

Is It Compatible with an Osprey Daylite Daypack Using the Addon System?

Yes, the Daylite will work with Porter Series, Farpoint 80, Sojourn Series, Shuttle Series, Volt/Viva Series, and Aether/Ariel Series.

What Does the Removable Lid/Daypack Weight?

The lid is not much of a day pack, and it is included in the weight of the backpack



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A number of clips, pockets, and compartments make the Osprey Volt 60 pack among the best backpacks in its weight class. The manufacturer did an outstanding job of maximizing every square inch of the materials, from the easy to access hydration reservoir to the perfectly crafted sleeping back compartment. Additionally, this pack is very affordable while offering great value.

You won’t go wrong with Osprey Volt 60. This pack surpasses the expectations of even the pickiest backpackers when it comes to quality, comfort, and style. Now, if ever 60 liters is not enough, you can try its upgraded version, which comes at 75 liters gear capacity.

Overall, the Osprey Volt 60 is a well-built, high value, extended backpack with flexible configuration and fit. It can be considered a lightweight pack, but its efficient frame can handle heavy loads effortlessly. This pack strikes a great balance between its useable features and weight.

It’s also worth mentioning that this pack doesn’t come with the most breathable back panel, making it a better cold-weather pack. Aside from that, it is very comfortable, flexible, and has excellent stability. With a rather affordable price, useful features, and great value, we highly recommend the Osprey Volt 60.