Marmot Minimalist vs. Precip

If you are doing outdoor research for the best lightweight waterproof jacket or the best rain jacket, Marmot probably has the finest line of rain jackets to choose from. The Marmot Minimalist and Precip offer the most basic features of jackets made for the people who love hiking, backpacking, and any outdoor activities. For such daily activities, it is highly important to consider a jacket’s fabric material, overall design, and affordability.

The Minimalist and Precip are rain shells known for waterproofing and breathability. However, these two jackets are made from different fabric materials, which made some distinctions in overall functionality.

Let’s take a closer look at the Marmot Minimalist and Precip and know more about their similar features. Additionally, learn which rain shell wins in the Minimalist vs. Precip battle of the better outdoor rain jacket. This side by side comparison will help you pick which rain shell best suits your outdoor adventure needs.

Marmot Minimalist vs Precip Comparison Table

 Marmot MinimalistMarmot PreCip
Weight15oz (425g)11oz (312g)
HoodAdjustable hoodAdjustable hood (can be rolled into collar)
Hand pockets2x2x
Chest pockets1xNone
VentilationPit zipsPit zips

Things in Common Between Marmot Minimalist and Marmot Precip

In this section, you will learn more about the detailed similarities between these two great hardshells. You will learn how effectively both the Minimalist and Precip protects you from the head down to your waist. Additionally, learn how both jackets are designed for comfort.

Head Protection

Let’s take a look at the head area where both jackets give full protection against cold and rain. The stiffened front part of the adjustable hood fully covers the head and acts as a shell stopping rain from hitting your face. The neckline or collar fully covers the neck and chin providing full protection from the elements.

The hood and collar stay steadily in place even from strong winds. Overall, the adjustable hood and tall collar combo provide solid head protection.

marmot head protection
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Waterproofing and Breathability

Both the Minimalist and Precip jackets are made from waterproof but breathable fabric. The fabric used is light and thin, making the jackets quite compact when folded or rolled. But of course, being super light doesn’t mean that the Minimalist and Precip lack in durability.

A heavy downpour won’t stop your backcountry endeavors as these hard shells will keep you from soaking. You also don’t have to worry about getting soaked from sweat during an uphill climb, as the breathable fabric lets the body heat escape.

Velcro Cuffs

The jacket cuffs are fastened with thin Velcro tabs creating a perfect fit on the wrists. This feature also prevents air and moisture from coming into the sleeves. Additionally, being thin allows the use of gloves without any hassle.

The adjustable velcro cuffs are also useful in venting heat. Loosen up the adjustable cuffs and let those arms breathe.

Angel Wing Movement

The two jackets are designed to permit full range motion. This feature is also known as the Angel Wing Movement, which allows the wearer to freely move the arms comfortably. This design prevents the fabric from riding up and keeps the jackets’ shape.

Restricted movement can be dangerous, especially when you are climbing uphill. With the Angel Wing Movement design, you can quickly grab onto something when you slip while trekking.


Both jacket models have hand pockets that are rightly sized and placed at a standard height. These pockets keep hands warm and are perfect for storing small items.

Your small stuff should be safe from getting soaked as the pockets are also waterproof. However, storing breakable stuff is discouraged as the pockets are pinned by a backpack hip belt.

marmot mountain
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Drawstring Hem

Both models are also equipped with a drawstring hem, which blocks the draft from passing under the jacket. This also makes the Minimalist and Precip jackets fit perfectly from the waist.

When trekking gets a little bit steamy, loosen up the drawstring to let some fresh air in from underneath. Technically, the adjustable hem may also function as a breather.

Seam Taping

It is unfortunate that seaming ruins the waterproofness of a fabric. Marmot overcomes this problem by using seam taping.

The seam taping is available for both jackets preventing the water from seeping in-between seams. This added feature guarantees to keep you dry, thus maintaining body comfort.

Pit Zips

For ventilation, both jackets have pit zips for faster body cooling and heat release. This is also important in regulating body temperature. Unzipping the pit zips make Precip and Minimalist even more breathable.

Backcountry adventure could make you all sweaty even under a heavy downpour. Open the pit zips just enough to let the heat escape, but not too wide to let rain funnel inside.

Marmot Minimalist vs. Precip – What’s the Difference?

The main difference between the Minimalist and Precip is the fabric materials used. This made both rain shells differ in waterproofing and breathability ratings. They also differ in hood design, the number of pockets, and of course, the price.

Marmot Minimalist

The Marmot Minimalist features good quality, clean style, and an all-around rain jacket. What makes the Minimalist a top choice for rain jackets is its performance and affordability. With a reasonable price of around $200, this jacket is at a solid value.

Overall Performance

Built to withstand harsh weather conditions, the Minimalist can protect you from extreme cold during winter. The mighty Gore-Tex fabric keeps you dry even from a heavy downpour. At the same time, this breathable fabric allows body heat to dissipate.

The Gore-Tex face fabric is durable enough to withstand light abrasions, which is ideal for daily backpacking action. This kind of quality makes backcountry enthusiasts desire this hard shell.

The Hood

The hood is large enough to cover your head, including the sides, which keeps rain and snow from hitting your face. It also easily adjusts and tightens to an exact fit to the head with just a pull of a drawstring.

The drawstring is also equipped with a plastic lock, ensuring that the adjustment won’t easily loosen up. This feature keeps the hood in place even in high wind.


Aside from the two side pockets, an extra vertical zipper pocket or Napoleon pocket is positioned on the left chest area of the jacket, which serves as easy-access storage for small items. Unfortunately, the Marmot PreCip doesn’t have this extra feature.

Electronic car keys and gadgets are safe to keep inside the Napoleon pocket. Thanks to the storm flap, your gizmos will be kept safe and dry.

Comfortable Fit

When it comes to fit and sizing, the Marmot Minimalist jacket is quite loose. The sleeves and torso are a bit loose, allowing the body to move without restrictions. The comfortable fit also allows you to layer clothes beneath the jacket.

The drawstring hem easily adjusts the waist area to prevent wind from entering underneath. It also enables the jacket to hug the body with just the right tightness along the waistline. This keeps the waistline perfectly aligned with your body.

Marmot PreCip

Marmot PreCip is a lightweight jacket for rain, which is made of waterproof breathable fabric that gets the job done in keeping you dry. What’s good about the PreCip jacket is its average cost of $100. With its price range and reliability, PreCip could be the perfect budget pick for the best waterproof jacket.

What makes PreCip different from other waterproof breathable jackets is its unique hood design. With this fully adjustable hood design, the PreCip could be the best waterproof jacket hiking for both men and women.

Waterproof Breathable Fabric

PreCip is made of nylon Ripstop fabric, which is known for its breathable feature.

Nylon Ripstop is resistant to ripping and tearing, making the PreCip a durable hardshell jacket.

This durable face fabric is already considered waterproof, but Marmot coated the PreCip with NanoPro to reinforce its waterproof quality.

Backpackers will favor this hardshell for being lightweight and waterproof breathable. Despite its lightness, not even high wind or torrential rain can penetrate this shell.

Unique Hood Design

The PreCip’s fully adjustable hood provides adequate protection to the head and face.

The Velcro strap adjusts the volume of the hood, while the two elastic side drawcords adjust the face opening. These features help protect your face from wind and rain without restricting your visibility.

What makes the hood unique is its ability to roll into a collar and hide it when you don’t feel like using it. This attribute helps the wearer to comfortably move around.


PreCip is made of thin, lightweight, but durable fabric making it very easy to fold and stuff into its hand warmer pocket. The carabiner loop makes the folded jacket easy to clip and carry around.

Outdoor enthusiasts carry enough heavy gear when traveling. The PreCip would be an impeccable pick to lighten up their load.


Which is the real winner in the Minimalist vs PreCip comparison? From the result of the side by side comparison, Marmot offers good options in rain jackets for the daily outdoor enthusiasts. The Minimalist and PreCip prove to be reliable hard shells for backpacking, hiking, and daily outdoor activities.

Minimalist, although heavier and bulkier than the PreCip, is a better choice if you’re after the long term durability of the mighty Gore-Tex fabric. This durable shell also has that extra Napoleon pocket not available in the PreCip model. More expensive as it is,

Minimalist could be a better pick if budget is not an issue.

On the other hand, PreCip has its edge on being lightweight and packable. This hardshell also proved itself to be durable, waterproof, and breathable. PreCip is a winning pick if you’re looking for an affordable super light rain shell.