Best Tanks With Built-in Bras

Improving the quality of your hiking experience or fitness routine is what tank tops with built-in bras offer—giving you comfort, durability, and flexibility, especially on workouts where you need to move a lot. It will also be helpful when hiking or camping in a warm environment where you’ll need to wear something comfortable. 

Looking for the best tanks depends on what activity you’re going to use them for. You will also have to consider the kind of fabric the tank is made up of, and you also have to make sure to choose the right size for you; this will significantly impact the comfort you’ll be experiencing while using it.

Comparison Table

To help you look for the best tank top that would fit you, we have gathered the best ones out there! Here is the comparison table that will help you see the difference between these tanks and see what would be the best one for you.

Tank TopBuilt-in BraMaterialsBest Use ForBust SizesRemovable bust padsColors
PrAna Momento Top

Yes76% Recycled Nylon / 24% ElastaneActive Sports, Everyday UseRanges from 32 inches (XXS) to 45 inches (XXL)YesAtlantic, Black, Canopy, Lagos, Liqueur
Outdoor Research Women's Bewitched Tank Top

Yes84% Polyester, 16% SpandexActive Sports, Everyday UseRanges from 32 inches (XXS) to 42.5 inches (XL)NoRio, Alpine Lake
Black Diamond W Campus Tank Top

Yes88% polyester, 12% elastaneRock Climbing, FitnessRanges from 31 inches (XXS) to 45 inches (XL)YesSlate
prAna Becksa Tank Top - Women's

Yes84% polyester/16% SpandexYoga, Everyday UseRanges from 33 inches (XS) to 54 inches (3XL)YesBlack, Mirage, Liqueur, Batik
icyZone Women Workout Yoga Spaghetti Tank Top

Yes90% Polyester 10% SpandexYoga, Active Sports ,Everyday UseRanges from 29.50 inches (XS) to 39.25inches (XXL)YesFlorida Keys
Grey Melange
Fusion Coral
Burnt Ochre
Royal Blue
Alo Yoga Women's Rib Support Tank

Yes90% nylon, 10% spandexActive Sports, YogaRanges from 30 inches (XXS) to 40 inches (L)YesBlack, White, Rich Navy, Green
Athletic Works Women's Dri More Core Shelf-Bra Racerback Tank Top

Yes90 % cotton and 10 % spandexActive Sports, Everyday UseRanges from 33 inches (XS) to 58 inches (5XL)NoWhite, Black, Gray, Navy

Product Reviews

PrAna Momento Top

This PrAna Momento Top is activewear for women that lets you work on your activities and still look good due to the top’s attractive design. You can wear it during your active sports activities like hiking, gym workouts, or yoga. The fabric used in this tank top is from PrAna’s bestselling ultralight Luxara™ fabric, which is an excellent combination for sustainability and stretch. The tank top has a moss-face finish giving it a soft look. Not only that, but it also has UPF 50+ for sun safety and a built-in bra that offers support with removable cups perfect for outdoor activities.

Outdoor Research Women's Bewitched Tank Top

If you are into yoga and training, you’ll love this tank top. It has a seamless construction in the body to minimize chafing while you do your activities. The fabric is sweat-wicking, so you won’t have to worry about getting sweaty during your workout sessions. The material used for the body of the tank top is 84% Polyester, 16% Spandex. The built-in bra adds enough support and coverage for you. The shoulder straps are adjustable for you if you want to customize the top for a perfect fit. 

Black Diamond W Campus Tank Top

Be fitness-ready with this Black Diamond W Campus Tank Top. The Campus is perfect for intense activities such as hiking, rock climbing, and gym activities due to its racerback design, allowing you to have a full range of movement. It has a lightweight, breathable semi-sheer fabric that is also moisture-wicking. This will be very helpful during your workout sessions, where you’ll be sweating a lot. The built-in bra has removable pads, which add enough support and coverage. This tank top is made from 88% polyester and 12% elastane. It has a fair range when it comes to its size, and only a few colors are available.

PrAna Becksa Tank Top - Women's

PrAna Becksa Tank Top truly knows how to motivate women with its timeless ribbed look. This tank top has a soft and gentle texture, but don’t underestimate it because it is made from bluesign®-certified Becksa, a tough fabric. Becksa Tank has a UPF 50+ that shields against UV rays and 1×1 compression. This means that Becksa tank tops are highly elastic and always go back to their shape and structure no matter how much you stretch them. A built-in bra for support with removable cups is available in this tank top, so you can customize it whenever you want.

IcyZone Women Workout Yoga Spaghetti Tank Top

IcyZone Women Workout Yoga Spaghetti Tank Top is a dry-fit tank perfect for yoga and running workout activities. It has a lightweight, stretchy, and moisture-wicking power fabric that makes your workout sessions more comfortable. The fashionable Strappy Crisscross pattern at the bak allows you to move more freely during your workouts. It also comes with a built-in bra and removable bra pads. IcyZone Women Workout Yoga Spaghetti Tank Tops are made from 90% Polyester and 10% Spandex.

Alo Yoga Women's Rib Support Tank

Alo Yoga Women’s Rib Support Tank is one of the tanks out there that are durable because it is made from high-performance fabrics. This tank is a yogis’ favorite due to its racerback design and four-way stretch fabric that allows you to attain a wide range of movement, especially if you are doing yoga. The built-in bra is also available in this tank with removable cups for support.

Athletic Works Women's Dri More Core Shelf-Bra Racerback Tank Tops

Athletic Works Women’s Dri More Core Shelf-Bra Racerback Tank Top could be the top that will help you get back in your fitness game. This tank top is made from 90 % cotton and 10 % spandex. It also has DriWorks wicking that will help keep you dry throughout your workout sessions. The racerback design also allows you to move freely and have a fashionable look. The shelf bra also comes with a mesh that will help you stay cool.

woman in black brassiere smoking cigarette during night time

Buying Guide


Women are known to have a very stylish taste when dressing up, including wearing tanks. Due to that, different designers make sure to create the tank tops that meet both needs, the support needed, and the style that fits their customers. Racerbacks, Spaghetti Straps, Thick Straps, and Sheer or Mesh Tank Tops are among the most popular styles with a built-in bra, especially when used for fitness sessions.

Racerback Tank tops are the tops where the straps meet at the middle of the back, exposing the wearer’s shoulder blades. These tops are perfect for doing workouts where you’ll be needing to do a lot of movements. Sheer or Mesh Tank Tops are made with see-through fabric that allows you to show off your figure and be fashionable at the same time.

Spaghetti Straps have thin straps that allow you to show off your arms and shoulders. It could be worn anywhere, including everyday use or even if you are just going for some errands. Thick Straps, on the other hand, give you full coverage of your shoulder area. This makes it more comfortable for you without showing off too much.


What makes your tank top will greatly affect your performance while using it. So, it is very important to choose a tank top made from high-quality fabric to help improve your fitness game.

Different kinds of fabric can help you in certain ways. The most popular materials used for tank tops are cotton, spandex, polyester, and nylon.

Cotton is the most popular material for tank tops, this material makes them breathable and absorbent, which is good during sweaty sessions. However, choosing a tank top made from 100% cotton might get you uncomfortable in the long run. Due to its absorbent ability, the top tank will eventually get cold and heavy when you start sweating.

Elastane or Spandex is good for its ability to stretch without losing its form. A good material, especially if you move a lot during your workouts. It is also breathable and moisture-wicking, making it one of the materials to look for when choosing a tank top.

Polyester is water-resistant and breathable. However, due to its water-resistant ability,  this material could get sticky when wet. That is why polyester is best partnered with cotton, as the two of them help minimize the disadvantages of each other.

Nylon is a very light and stretchy material. Nylon is always blended along with other materials because of its moisture-wicking properties. 


Choosing the right size for your tanks with a built-in bra is essential. Purchasing the right size will save you from a lot of discomfort throughout your fitness game. To have the perfect fit, know the size of your bra. This will be your basis for getting the right size for your tanks. If you don’t know your size yet, make sure to go to a bra specialist.

Different brands usually use XXS, XS, S, M, L. XL, and XXL as labels for their sizes. However, this might not be accurate at all. Some brands may have 30 inches for XS, while others have 32 inches for XS. So, make sure to visit their website and look for their sizing chart guide. This has a list of the exact sizes for each label. 


Washing your tanks depends on what kind of fabric you are using. Each brand also gives instructions on properly taking good care of the tank top you’ll purchase. Although, most encourage machine washing at low temperature or handwashing to avoid wearing down the material faster and ruining the form of the shelf bra. 

Best Time to buy

The best time to buy tanks is when the summer season ends. This is usually the transition before the autumn season. During this time, summer clothes won’t already be a need, and many stores will be giving great deals and discounts with their summer collections. Take this opportunity to buy those tanks you’ve always wanted to have!

Comfort when carrying a backpack

Wearing a tank top during hiking is an excellent decision because of the comfort that this could benefit you. However, with a heavy backpack, this might cause some irritation on your bare skin. To avoid this, make sure that you are investing in a backpack that has well-padded shoulder straps. You can also wear something light above your tank to cover your shoulder area. This way,  you can avoid having irritations on your bare skin during your hike. 


Suppose you are planning to purchase a tank top that you need mainly for gym workouts and yoga classes. In that case, Outdoor Research Women’s Bewitched Tank Top, Icyzone Women Workout Yoga Spaghetti Straps Racerback Tank Top, Alo Yoga Women’s Rib Support Tank, and Athletic Works Women’s Dri More Core Shelf-Bra Racerback Tank Top will be the one for you.

These tanks are light and stretchy, allowing you to move freely and do a lot of movements. These factors will help you improve your workout and yoga sessions.

Do you need a tank for more intense activities like hiking and rock climbing? Then, PrAna Momento Top, Black Diamond women’s W Campus Tank, and PrAna Women’s Becksa Tank are the ones for you! These tanks have Ultraviolet Protection Factor and fabrics that are fit for such extreme activities.

Overall, these tanks have the best high-quality fabrics with a built-in bra that fits your comfort and need no matter what activity you do.