Best Hammock Straps

Hammock straps are the essential component of your hammock setup. They are the reason you can hang your hammock in the air in the first place. Without a hammock suspension system, you wouldn’t be able to have a hammock camping experience at all.

Therefore, it is prudent to choose hammock tree straps that are top quality, allowing you to enjoy many camping trips. In this guide, we have prepared 7 of the best straps and suspensions that are out there. These straps each have different characteristics that try to appeal to the diverse needs of individual hammock campers.

We also give a guide to choosing your tree straps. At the end of the article, we present some of our top choices from our list. Hopefully, after reading through this piece, you will be able to pick out a hammock or determine your criteria for your best hammock straps.

Comparison Table

The following is a table summarizing the seven products on our list. These include product specifications, included materials, relative price comparisons, and other specific details.

Hammock StrapsLength per strap Width of strapNumber of connection points per strapCapacity
(both straps)
Overall WeightMaterialWhat is included/ FeaturesPrice
Eagles Nest Outfitters (ENO) Atlas Hammock Straps

9 feet
0.75 inches15400 lbs9.6 oz1000D polyfilament webbing1 storage bag$$
ENO Helios Hammock Suspension System

8 feet and 1 inch1 inch wide1 (w/ adjustable whoopie sling system)300 lbs5.07 ozHigh Molecular Weight Polyethylene (HMPE) line webbing1 storage sack$$$
Bear Butt Kodiak Hammock Straps

10 feet long1 inch20 + 1 top loop to wrap around tree1000 lbs13 ozPolyester Webbing1 stuff sack, 2 carabiners$$
Nature's Hangout XL Hammock Straps

14 feet0.75 inches24700 lbs (up to 2200 lbs manufacturer tested)17.2 ozPolyester Webbing1 carry bag, 2 carabiners$$
Grand Trunk Hammock Tree Straps

10 feet1 inch18400 lbs12 ozPolyfilament Webbing1 carry bag$$$
Pro Venture Hammock Straps

11 feet1 inch22400 lbs (up to 1200 lbs manufacturer tested)15 ozPolyester Webbing1 carry bag, 2 carabiners$
MalloMe XL Hammock Straps

12 feet1 inch wide201400 lbs (up to 2000+ lbs manufacturer tested)19 ozPolyester Webbing2 locking carabiners, 1 carry bag$

Product Reviews

ENO Atlas Hammock Straps

The hammock strap of choice for new hammock campers is the ENO Atlas Hammock Suspension System. Its daisy chain design helps make setting up more straightforward and is made of sturdy material to support your weight in a hammock.

The ENO Atlas straps have a total length of 18 feet, enabling you to hang your hammock between trees up to 10 to 14 feet apart. The straps are made of durable 1000D Polyfilament webbing with triple stitching around the loops, strong enough to support a total weight capacity of 400 pounds. The hammock tree straps have a total of 30 anchor points, plenty enough to make the adjustments that you want. The straps also come with a storage bag, bringing an overall weight of 9.6 ounces – pretty lightweight for tree straps.

One downside of the ENO Atlas straps is that they are slightly thin and may break when two or more people get in a hammock using these straps. The length of the straps may also not be enough to strap around trees that have thicker trunks, leaving you with only a few feet to play with.

As a side note, if you also purchase a hammock along with hammock straps from ENO, ENO – in partnership with the Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics – will plant two trees in a place of need. You will be able to contribute even a little to the conservation of the environment.

ENO Helios Hammock Suspension System

The ENO Helios Suspension System is what you’re looking for if you seek ultra-lightweight tree huggers. Weighing approximately only 5 ounces, the Helios is one of the lightest straps out there.

The cords of the ENO Helios are made thinner to reduce the weight, but there is no compromise on the strength. The suspension system is made of High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (HMPE), strong enough to support a weight capacity of up to 300 pounds. The Helios also features the Microtune adjustment system; this system allows you to adjust the tree strap in much smaller increments than hammock straps that employ multiple loops. The ENO Helios even comes with a storage sack.

A significant downside lies with the strap length. Being only around 16 feet long, the ENO Helios is limited to trees with smaller trunks; this also means that when you hang your hammock, the trees you will use as posts should also not be very far apart. The Helios also has a relatively higher price point, so you’ll have to consider if its ultra-lightweight might be worth it in the long run.

Bear Butt Kodiak Hammock Straps

If you are on a budget but still want quality tree huggers, then the Bear Butt Kodiak Hammock Straps are perfect for you. The strap length alone, coming at a total of 20 feet, gives the Kodiak the versatility needed for situations requiring a longer tree strap. The material of the Kodiak is also made of sturdy, non-stretch polyester that securely wraps around trees. This strong material combined with triple stitching on each attachment point allows for a weight capacity of the Kodiak of a whopping 1000 pounds, which is a lot of weight.

The Kodiak is also highly adjustable, with 20 loops per strap for 40 attachment points, which allows for finer adjustments. The Kodiak even comes with two carabiners and a stuff sack, adding more conveniences.

There isn’t any significant downside to the Kodiak besides that it weighs 13 ounces, which is a bit on the heavier side. With so many pluses at such an affordable price point, the Kodiak gives you much value for money.

Nature's Hangout XL Hammock Straps

If you want to make sure that your hammock straps always have enough length for any situation, Nature’s Hangout XL Straps have got you covered. Each belt is measured at 14 feet, which are pretty long on their own. But when combined to a total of 28 feet, they are almost one and a half times as long as other straps and suspension at the same price range.

The straps are made of polyester webbing that has double-power reinforced stitching. This toughness helps with the hammock straps having a weight capacity of 700 pounds; this number could even go higher up to 1100 pounds, for a total working load strength of potentially 2,200 pounds or more. Not very many hammock straps would have this level of load strength.

Nature’s Hangout also has the most number of anchor points on this list. With twenty-four adjustment points on a single strap alone – for a total of 48 attachment points, there is so much room for adjustments. Combined with the total strap length the tree hugger has, there is no doubt that Nature’s Hangout is very, very versatile.

A downside, however, to Nature’s Hangout is that it can have a bit of stretching. The straps do come with neat additions such as two carabiners and a carry bag for your hammock gear, but the total weight is on the heavy side at around 17 ounces. It seems, though, that the positives outweigh the negatives.

Grand Trunk Hammock Suspension System

The Grand Trunk Hammock Suspension System is a great all-rounder for hammock straps. Each strap has a decent length, adjustability, and capacity, all of which are essential characteristics that a quality camping hammock strap has. The Grand Trunk is a good standard when comparing the best hammock straps.

Each strap is 10 feet long, good enough for hammock camping outdoors. The straps are made of high tenacity poly filament webbing and have a total weight capacity of 400 pounds, sufficient enough to carry the weight of most anyone. Each of the straps has 18 loops which offer pretty good adjustability.

The straps come in multiple colors, too, a bonus for those who are into particular colors. The Grand Trunk also comes with a storage bag for keeping hammock gear, though the bag could be made with more robust material. It does come in a bit higher in the price range, but the balance in its properties does make a good case for it.

Pro Venture Hammock Straps

The Pro Venture Straps have the lowest price point on this list, making these straps affordable for those on a low budget.

The straps of the Pro Venture are each 11 feet long for a total of 22 feet, allowing you to choose trees that are up to 25 feet apart. The straps have a combined 44 connection points, making them super adjustable. Each strap also has triple stitching on a polyester material and has a weight capacity of 200 pounds, which can go up to 600 pounds according to the manufacturers; this gives a potential 1200-pound total weight capacity, more than enough for a single hammock camper.

The Pro Venture comes with two carabiners and a stuff sack, which are additional pluses for cheaper hammock straps. A minor downside is that the overall weight of the Pro Venture is slightly on the heavier side of around 15 ounces.

MalloMe XL Hammock Straps

The MalloMe XL Straps deliver on the ‘XL,’ coming in with a total length of 24 feet which is pretty impressive. You’ll probably be able to hang a hammock almost anywhere with these straps, making these an excellent choice for frequent hammock campers.

The MalloMe XL has the highest base weight capacity for a single strap at a solid 700 pounds; this does not even include manufacturer testing, which puts its load strength at over a thousand pounds. Triple stitched seams in the polyester material support this capacity. Each strap also has 20 attachment loops, for a total of 40.

Believe it or not, even with all of the above properties of the MalloMe, it still comes at an affordable price point. Two locking carabiners are also included, along with a drawstring bag, although the bag could be more prominent as the straps are a tight fit in it. Because the straps are in XL, the weight is directly proportional, making the MalloMe somewhat heavy.

Buying Guide

Having seen all of the products on our list, you may be tempted to choose one already. But before doing that, you’ll want to make sure that the hammock straps you choose truly fit your needs. The following are criteria you can use to assist you in selecting the right suspension system:

Strength and Durability/Capacity

One of the primary factors to look at when choosing hammock tree straps is the load they can take. You don’t want to hang your hammock and then find yourself on the ground later because your hammock straps weren’t strong enough to support your weight.

You’ll want to find hammock straps that have at least 400 lbs total weight capacity. They should also be made of durable materials such as polyester webbing, which is resistant to stretching. Triple stitching is also a big plus, especially for daisy chain designs where multiple loops are incorporated; as they say, you’re only as strong as your weakest link.


The length of your hammock straps will limit the distance between trees you can attach your hammock to. If the size is too short, you won’t even be able to hang your hammock at all.

You will want to choose straps that are at least 18 feet long. A fair distance for trees to hang a hammock would be between 10 to 15 feet, so you would want to have a wiggle room of at least 4 feet; this would give you enough height and tension for your hammock. Longer straps are always better as you can adjust for many things, such as the thickness of tree trunks and elevation between 2 trees.


Adjustability is also an essential factor to consider, especially if you value comfort. Having high adjustability with your straps allows you to choose what sag you want your hammock to have or what tension you prefer, allowing you to have the perfect hang.

For a daisy chain system generally, the more attachment loops you have, the more adjustable the straps are. More loops also mean smaller increments in your adjustments. There should be at least 15 loops per strap for decent adjustability. If you prefer finer adjustments, then the whoopie sling-type might be for you; instead of clipping and unclipping carabiners to get your preferred settings, whoopie slings have a single loop you can slide up or down.


Of course, if you use a vehicle to get to campsites, your hammock straps’ weight shouldn’t matter much. But if you’re a backpacker, you would want to carry gear that isn’t too heavy on you. Fortunately, there are plenty of options for lightweight hammock tree straps available, even ultralight ones that come in as light as 5 ounces or less.


When thin ropes are used to strap around trees, they can dig into the tree bark. You would want to choose wide enough straps such that they do not cause any damage to tree barks when you hang your hammock; these kinds of belts are also called tree-friendly straps.

An easy way to prevent tree damage is to avoid choosing thin straps. The ‘Leave No Trace’ organization says that tree-friendly strap widths are at least 0.75 inches wide; best straps are at least 1 inch wide.


In the end, your budget will limit your options for hammock straps. Make sure to prioritize what you value in a hammock strap so that you can get the most value for your money.


What are the different types of hammock straps?

The two most common types of hammock suspension systems are the daisy chain and the whoopie sling. The daisy chain is a continuous type of hammock strap that incorporates multiple loops for adjustment. On the other hand, whoopie slings are non-continuous and are simultaneously connected to webbing attached to trees and the hammock anchor point.

How far apart should trees be for a hammock?

A fair distance would be around 10 to 15 feet; this would give you enough tension and height for the perfect hang for your hammock.

How long should hammock tree straps be?

The ideal total length for hammock straps would be around 18 feet. You would want to include a wiggle room of at least 4 feet after considering the distance between trees your hammock will hang from.

Do hammock straps hurt trees?

Thin hammock straps can cause significant damage to tree bark. To avoid this, choose tree-friendly straps with at least a 0.75-inch width; those that are 1 inch wide would be ideal.

How do you use an adjustable hammock strap?

You wrap your hammock strap around a tree for a daisy chain suspension system and into one of the strap loops. Then with the use of a carabiner, attach to one of the many adjustment points available. You can clip and unclip until you get your preferred setting.

For a whoopie sling, attach to the webbing that is already wrapped around the tree. Then connect the strap to your hammock using a carabiner. Adjust the loop by moving it up or down.


If you’re looking for the best all-rounder hammock straps, the Grand Trunk Hammock Suspension System is the choice for you. Despite its relatively higher price point, it has all the essential characteristics – namely length, adjustability, and weight capacity – of the best hammock straps.

The most versatile tree straps on this list are the Nature’s Hangout XL Hammock Straps. Combining both its ridiculous length and the number of anchor points allows these straps to adapt to almost any situation.

For a budget-friendly but still high-quality hammock strap, the Pro Venture Hammock Straps are what you want. These straps have decent length at a low price point, have high adjustability, and even come with free carabiners and a stuff sack.

Still, because there are many things to consider when choosing suspension systems, the best hammock straps will be different for everyone. As long as you incorporate your needs well, whatever you choose will be the best hammock strap.