5 Beautiful Treks in Ladakh

Ladakh, also known as the ‘Little Tibet,’ is a region in northern India that became a popular tourist destination for many reasons. It is one of the places that has fascinating mountain sceneries, Buddhist monasteries, and festivals. Adventurous people usually go here not only because of the cultural experience that Ladakh can give but also because of the fantastic views it provides when it comes to trekking.

There are many treks in Ladakh that could satisfy your adventurous heart, and in this article, we will be talking about the best treks that you can take during your visit to Ladakh.

Markha Valley Trek

Markha valley trek is one of the most popular treks in Ladakh and goes side by side with the river called Markha. Going through this hike will lead you to remarkable views of the Indian Himalayas, and alongside your journey, you might also encounter some of the Tibetan Shepherds, villages, Himalayan wildlife that will add up to the excitement of your trip.

The guides highly recommend the trekkers undergo physical preparation before proceeding to hike here. This will take 4-8 days of hiking, depending on where you started (Spitok or Chilling). Be prepared to camp under the night sky in Markha valley with 17,113 ft of altitude that will give you the most beautiful scenery of the Himalayan valley you’ll ever see.

  • Max Elevation: 5,216m / 17,113ft
  • Days: 8 days
  • Trekking Difficulty: Level 3
  • Remoteness: Will be passing by small isolated villages
  • Best Season: end of April to the beginning of October
  • Accommodation Type: Homestays and Camping

Sham Valley Trek

If you want to experience hiking with your kids, the Sham valley trek must be on your list! This trek is known as the ‘Baby trek’ in Ladakh simply because it has one of the easiest out there, but don’t underestimate it. It still caters to the breathtaking views that Ladakh has to offer, and it leads to historical Buddhist monasteries like the Alchi monastery, the largest monastery in Ladakh.

There, you’ll also discover the different ancient and antique paintings and sculptures that you can enjoy and learn about from Ladakh’s history. You might also have a chance to take a glimpse of how locals live there and the rituals that they still do today.

  • Max Elevation: 3,875 m / 12,713ft
  • Days: 5 days
  • Trekking Difficulty: Level 2
  • Remoteness: Some remote areas
  • Best Season: June to September
  • Accommodation Type: Homestays and Camping

yellow and red concrete building under blue sky during daytime

Nubra Valley Trek

Nubra Valley Trek is commonly referred to as the Ldumra due to what you’ll be encountering during the whole trek. This valley lies between Tibet and Kashmir, where you’ll get to take a picture of a breathtaking view of the Himalayan mountains.

Aside from the scenic views that this trek will offer, you’ll also discover a lot of orchards along the way. Nubra Valley Trek even has the name Ldumra originally, which means the valley of flowers. Your trip to this valley will also lead you to Buddhist monasteries, namely the Ensa, Samstemling, Diskit, and Hunder.

  • Max Elevation: 3,048m / 10,000ft.
  • Days: 6-10 days
  • Trekking Difficulty: Level 2
  • Remoteness: Somewhat remote
  • Best Season:mid-July to end of September
  • Accommodation Type: Homestays and Camping

Lamayuru to Alchi Trek

Lamayuru to Alchi trek is one of the best and exciting treks to take if you are a person who loves to seek out adventure and history at the same time. Along with the picturesque view you’ll get during the whole trip, you will also get to visit Ladakh’s oldest monastery, the Lamayuru monastery, where you can learn all about its history.

The Alchi monastery, which boasts the early Buddhist arts in Kashmiri tradition, would also be passed during the trek. You will also have the chance to interact with locals from the remote villages of Ladakh and talk to the monks, an unusual way to gain wisdom from.

  • Max Elevation: 5,236m / 17,178ft
  • Days: 5 days
  • Trekking Difficulty: Level 4
  • Remoteness: Will be passing by small isolated villages
  • Best Season: mid-June to mid-October
  • Accommodation Type: Homestays and Camping

Stok Kangri Trek

Stok Kangri Trek might be the most challenging trek you’ll encounter in Ladakh, being that it is one of the highest trekkable peaks in the world. Experienced trekkers are very welcome to accept this challenge of trekking Stok Kangri. Despite the challenging trek towards the peak, the views you’ll get are out of this world. The snowy peaks of the mountain summits make the scenery more magnificent and make the challenging hike all worth it!

  • Max Elevation: 6,120m / 20,080ft.
  • Days: 4 – 6 days
  • Trekking Difficulty: Level 5
  • Remoteness: Somewhat remote
  • Best Season: Mid July to Mid September
  • Accommodation Type: Camping


Being on top of the world is what everyone dreams of, especially if you are into trekking. Ladakh is the best place to go if you are up for this adventure. Just make sure to have everything that you need and that you are in your best physical health to avoid having problems and thoroughly enjoy what Ladakh has to offer.