It is not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves.

— Sir Edmund Hillary

best backpacking hatchet

Best Backpacking Hatchet

Camping is much easier and enjoyable if you have the necessary tools with you. Aside from the usual gears like a tent or a multitool, you will need a tool that you can use to gather firewood and other materials from nature. A backpacking hatchet can do just that and more. Aside from being able…

Osprey Daylite vs. Daylite Plus

You’re probably here because you’re planning to get an Osprey Daylite pack. But you’re confused whether to get the Osprey Daylite or the Osprey Daylite Plus. Even though the Daylite and Daylite plus have many similar features, they also have significant differences that you should learn before purchasing one. Since Daylite and Daylite Plus are…

Is Merino Wool Itchy?

Many seasoned campers and hikers love Merino wool due to its exceptional trait to stay warm even while wet. Keeping you warm is the primary reason why many people want to buy it. The other purpose is that it doesn’t smell bad even after a week of hiking. But even with all these exceptional properties,…

Klymit Static V vs. V2

In many countries, especially the USA, camping is one of the most favorite outdoor activities. That’s the reason why sleeping gears for camping have a vital part for any camping list. One gear that has become in-demand is the sleeping pad. Compared to a standard sleeping mat, sleeping pads are very similar to a mattress….

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Are Windbreakers Waterproof?

If you’re the kind of person who likes to do a lot of outdoor activities even in unfriendly weather conditions, you might want to invest in a windbreaker. Windbreakers are a versatile type of jackets. They are one of the most popular outdoor garments nowadays. But many people, especially hikers who are looking to buy…

Prana Brion vs. Zion

Prana is a prominent outdoor clothing manufacturer that crafts stylish, comfortable, and practical clothing options. Two of Prana’s most prominent pants are Prana Brion and Prana Zion. In this article, we will be discussing the main differences between these two pants and what they have to offer. So make sure to stay tuned and get…

Grand Trunk vs. Eno

With a myriad of different hammock models in the market nowadays, it sometimes gets quite hard to decide which one to buy. But don’t worry because Grand Trunk and ENO (Eagles Nest Outfitters), have some cool range of products when it comes to hammocks. Hammocks are portable furniture that can be brought around, that is…

calories hiking burn

How Many Calories Do You Burn Hiking?

Losing weight does not only mean confining yourself in the gym. If you love the outdoors, then you are in luck! Hiking allows you to enjoy nature while burning calories. There’s a reason why many outdoor enthusiasts are generally fit. The combination of walking, carrying gears and backpacks, and even climbing promotes fitness and health….

Osprey Ariel vs. Aura

Searching for the right pack for your backpacking trips can be a daunting task. This is particularly true for women who usually have smaller frames. There are a lot of packs for men, but they are not really designed to fit women. Having the wrong pack can cause women unnecessary soreness and pain in the…

person throws away red water bottle

Sawyer Squeeze vs. Mini

You don’t want to bring one gallon of water on your every adventure, do you? With a personal water filter, you don’t need to carry a heavy water container. Having a reliable water filter frees up some valuable space on your backpack. Having a reliable method to filter water when hiking and backpacking is crucial….